ImageSite gives AutoCAD Software users all the document and drawing management capabilities resident in ImageSite. This allows users and managers to better manage engineering change processes and share engineering information throughout the corporation and with other enterprise systems.


Using the AutoCAD Integration Connector, CAD users get the benefit of a "lite" PDM with check-out, check-in, version control and view AutoCAD attribute directly. Reference file relationships are maintained and files are easily viewed using a single viewer by all users in the company even if they don't have access to AutCAD software; a great way to release drawings to production, vendors, contractors, and customers.


Web-based vector graphics for CAD viewing for very quick and high quality display

Mobile device access to CAD files without need of the native application

Dynamic reference file (XREF) detection during upload and automatic creation of database links within ImageSite

Check-out and check-in control from within AutoCAD with automated file version management and appropriate drawing access

CAD control of selective layer and reference files with no additional 3rd party viewing software required

Security driven and context sensitive commands based on user permissions

Non-AutoCAD user view and markup of 2D drawing and reference files without additional CAD licenses

Server-side comprehensive batch plotting with direct network access to any worldwide network printing or plotting device

Title Block Integration automatically synchronizes AutoCAD Block/Tag and Field data with ImageSite attributes

General text data within AutoCAD drawing files is fully searchable using ImageSite’s Full Text Search capability


The best way to understand what ImageSite AutoCAD Integration Connector can do for you is to see it for yourself.

Contact us to learn more about cad data management software or schedule a demo and let us show you our software in action.



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