eQuorum – How We’re Different:

It ain’t bragging if you can do it” – Dizzy Dean

   Not all document management solutions are created equally.  ImageSite® Suite of products utilizes

   the latest technology to give users secure access to any type of file  –  wherever they are – using whatever device they want.


Engineering Document Management for Manufacturing, AEC, Utilities, Government, Universities

engineering document software

Totally Web Based and JAVA-less

  • No need to pay for client licenses
  • No need to manage the deployment of and updates to client licenses
  • All a user needs is a browser; ImageSite works with all browsers and mobile platforms, no apps required
  • No more need for Java on user PCs; no more confusion over Java updates.

Cloud Synching and Sharing Included

  • File distribution outside your network for vendors/contractors/customers
  • Install in your company's DMZ, on a private cloud, or use eQuorum’s Engine-Box.com
  • Give third parties controlled access only to the files they need and get notified of all actions.

Comprehensive Security and Access Control

  • File “earmarking” tracks files once outside the system and notifies administrators when files are compromised
  • Full event monitors to alert for suspicious activity
  • Access control at the group, user, and file level, including prohibition of printing, emailing, and downloading
  • Full audit trails and audit/compliance management, perfect for responding to e-discovery systems.

Mobile Data Management

  • ImageSite 9 is HTML5-based, making it accessible by any operating system or mobile device
  • View drawings in an offline mode even when an Internet connection is not available
  • Limit and disable mobile access at the server, no need to reconfigure mobile devices, while destroying any downloaded images.

Synchronization of Files among Multiple Locations

  • Businesses with multiple locations can see and share access to all files
  • Ensure only the most current versions of files are being used
  • Keep large files local for faster access.

Single Viewer for All File Types

  • No need for various native programs on all PCs or mobile devices
  • No need for client licenses for occasional users
  • Let users configure their own viewer for all file types.

There’s More than Just Technology

In business for over 20 years, eQuorum has 69 customers who have been with us for more than 10 years (and hundreds of customers who have been with us for over five years). There are a lot of document organizer software companies in the marketplace, so it often comes down to making sure the solution you choose feels right for you and your organization. This includes a software provider with the right industry focus, the right expertise, and solutions that are the right fit.

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  • Industry Focus

    Make sure your solution provider is focused on your industry and your segment. By focusing on specific sectors we ensure our team understands the specific market requirements and tailors our solutions to directly meet your needs.

    engineering document software

  • Expertise

    Make sure your solution provider has expertise in solving complex engineering document management software problems. Our customers gain the benefit of the expertise we have developed over the years and receive unparalleled service and support.

    engineering document software

  • The Right Fit

    Make sure your solution provider fits you and your organization like a glove. We make sure our solution is the right-size and right-price approach for your engineering document software requirements. We are value driven and dedicated to making sure our customers gain the full expected value and ROI from our software. engineering document software