Creating high quality paper output efficiently is critical to most businesses. Plot Station® Server controls engineering printing throughput on your network. It knows what file formats to accept (Inputs) and where to send the result (Outputs). We developed our own queuing mechanism to give you more flexibility in deciding how and when to process jobs and where to send them when they're done.

Automated Print Server

You know how time consuming production printing can be if your EDM/PDM (Engineering Document Management/Product Data Management) system forces you to download and manually print each of your documents one at a time. With an integrated Plot Station® solution, a user can select multiple files (a handful or hundreds) from your existing EDM/PDM system and submit them directly to any network print device. Users can print just as easily to devices that are down the hall or around the world. The productivity benefits are enormous!

PDF Conversion

Creating high quality PDF output can be both time consuming and expensive; but not with Plot Station's PDF Conversion Server. It's the ideal choice for high volume, high quality PDF generation from a wide variety of input file formats, including CAD formats such as AutoCAD, MicroStation and SolidWorks; scanned file formats such as Tiff, CALS, JPEG, PNG; and business formats such as Microsoft Office such as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

Open Systems Compatibility with Stability & Performance

  • API and Integration Support API
  • Multi-tasking for high performance
  • Multi-threading for input/output and processing efficiency
  • Modular architecture
  • Optimized for multi-CPU Server platforms
Engineering Batch Print Software

Plot Station® Drivers

Through a system of modular input and output drivers, Plot Station® Server can process a wide range of input file formats and output them to most printers and large format plotters in use today. You select the drivers that meet your specific needs.


Plot Station® offers two types of output drivers—data type and device specific:

  • Data-type drivers create and deposit an output data format to a designated location (network directory or FTP location). Data type drivers offer limited (or no) interaction with printing devices and are often used as data conversion applications, to automatically generate large volumes of high quality output.


  • Device-specific drivers are customized for their target device. They provide the best data stream for the target device and add additional bi-directional communication to that device. This greatly simplifies the Plot Station® plotting process for end users. Plots are created with minimal user interactions, while Plot Station accomplishes functions such as automatic roll selection and plot rotation to minimize paper usage. eQuorum licenses device-specific drivers to the specific model they were designed for. Users can plot to an unlimited number of licensed devices from a single Plot Station®. eQuorum updates its device-specific drivers to maintain compatibility as printer vendors revise the device firmware or their controllers.

Plot Station Features & Benefits


Click to Show/Hide Increase Productivity
Click to Show/Hide Easy Batch Print Submit


  • Let anyone request prints of any format
  • Same process whether printing to paper or converting to PDF
  • Save users and reprographics staff the chore of sorting, collating and copying
Click to Show/Hide Create and re-use print sets

  • Include mixed file formats
  • Pointers to current file versions
  • Generate half-size sets for review


  • Be confident that you're always getting plots of current design status
  • If the same collection of drawings is plotted repeatedly, all parameters and order information are saved and need not be re-entered.
  • Easily resubmit the same set for a half-sized review set.
  • Independent of file type, allowing multiple source file types to create a single, multi-page PDF.
Click to Show/Hide Network Print Load Balancing

Overcome heavy print loads and hardware failures by redirecting plot traffic if necessary.


  • Multiple Plot Station servers can be set up to automatically load balance and provide redundancy for the most efficient print processing.
  • If there is a plotter failure, or if the plotter is busy doing another job, the new job can be easily redirected to an alternative device.
Click to Show/Hide Allow anyone to easily request prints

Enable non-CAD users to plot with ease from a simple drag & drop Windows interface.


  • The simple interface allows non-CAD users to generate paper output efficiently and without disturbing the CAD professionals.
  • Browser interface allows user to get sheets in correct order prior to submit
Click to Show/Hide Save Money
Click to Show/Hide Reduce Wasteful Printing

Request Plots with confidence that results will be correct the first time because of saved settings


  • No worries about incorrect view, scales or pen settings.
Click to Show/Hide Rich Accounting Data

Capture data such as number of copies and plot areas for charge-backs or for billing.


  • Accurate accounting reports make all your printing accountable.
  • Enforcement tools prevent plot submission without valid accounting data.
Click to Show/Hide Advanced Printer Features

Plot Station's full-featured output drivers let you take advantage of a plotter's advanced features, such as collating or folding.


  • Minimize time spent manually copying and sorting.
Click to Show/Hide View, Then Print

Request hardcopy only after viewing the digital image, or preview and request only the documents you need.


  • Be confident you'll get the correct file plotted correctly.
Click to Show/Hide Maintain Corporate Standards
Click to Show/Hide Consistent Quality

Implement server-based settings to accommodate methodology, plotter and CAD package variances.


  • Develop office standards that reside on the central Plot Server.
  • Control what overrides are available to individual users.
Click to Show/Hide Predictable Reprints

Reprint archived data predictably without fear that updates will change plotted appearance.


  • Be confident that the file plotted today will plot the same down the road--regardless of changed CAD versions or plotters.
  • Don't worry about how the file was last saved.
Click to Show/Hide Pen Tables

Use Plot Station's pen tables to provide special symbology capabilities with discipline-based emphasis or specialized scaling of features based on plot size.


  • Maximize readability of the plots--whether on paper or digital files. Screen background files to highlight content.
  • Maintain legibility of special line styles and text regardless of the plotted size or device type.
Click to Show/Hide Review Sets

Quickly resubmit defined sets to laser printers or electronic review tools.


  • Once defined, simply resubmit with half-sized parameters automatically set to generate scaled down review sets
  • Use browser-based review tool to view online before printing
Click to Show/Hide Automate Format Conversion
Click to Show/HidePDF Conversion

  • Uses Adobe OEM Technology for highest quality results.
  • Unlimited user access through networked device sharing.


  • High quality, high performance PDF generation.
  • Create single, multi-page PDF file from multiple source document types
Click to Show/HideArchive Conversion

You can directly convert CAD or Plot files to TIFF, CALs or DWF.


  • Convert to Industry Standard Archive formats for storage or integration with Document Management tools.
Click to Show/Hide Improve CAD Management
Click to Show/Hide Print Monitoring

View and control plots in progress. Watch and monitor throughput with plot monitor tool from any PC on the network.


  • Monitor all jobs across multiple servers from a single interface.
Click to Show/Hide Load Balancing

Balance the plotting load among multiple plot servers for maximum throughput.


  • Share the load across multiple servers for improved throughput and redundancy.
Click to Show/Hide Redirect Prints

If a plotter goes down or gets backlogged, quickly redirect already-submitted jobs to alternate devices.


  • Move, pause or reprioritize jobs based on demand and capacity.
Click to Show/HideCommon User Interface

Single interface to submit any file type to any device makes training simple.


  • Easy to teach non-CAD users to plot using the simple Windows interface.
  • Don't need to learn something new each time a CAD package changes or a new plotter is purchased.
Click to Show/HideInstallation & Setup Wizards

Setup Wizards provide for quick implementation with proven defaults already defined.


  • Quick to set up and deploy.
Click to Show/Hide Open Systems Architecture
Click to Show/Hide Extensive Format Support

Plot Station supports both Engineering and Office formats.

  • MicroStation (Including Raster References)
  • AutoCAD (Including "Desktop" products and "Map")
  • SolidWorks (Part, Assembly and Drawing Files)
  • Plot file formats (Including HPGL, HPGL/2, PostScript)
  • Raster file formats (TIFF, JPEG, CALS, BMP, CIT, COT)
  • Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Adobe PDF


  • Wide variety of inputs makes it simple for anyone to learn how to plot without the need to understand the CAD application.
  • Use the same printing method regardless of file type.
Click to Show/Hide Extensive Printer Support

Plot Station supports virtually any Printer:

  • Device-specific drivers (Xerox Synergix, OcÚ TDS, KIP)
  • Generic with device controls (PCL5)
  • Take advantage of a plotter's advanced features such as folding, collating
  • Plot to any network device, local or remote
  • Integrate legacy devices



  • Plot Station remains neutral with respect to plotting devices. This allows one solution to drive all print production for a variety of device manufacturers.
  • New print devices can be added to a network conveniently allowing users to print to existing and new devices without learning new applications.
  • Take advantage of printing to older legacy devices in low demand areas.
Click to Show/Hide Networking

With Plot Station, you are not limited to single network support. You can easily implement with existing network infrastructure.

  • Bi-directional communication with TCP/IP
  • Microsoft Windows Print Servers
  • Novell Printing



  • Quickly take advantage of existing Windows or Novell Printers.
  • Query the device for "best" media selection.
Plot Station Server Price
Drivers System Price Annual Maintenance Total
2 $3,000 $540 $3,540
3 $4,000 $720 $4,720
4 $5,000 $900 $5,900
5 $6,000 $1,080 $7,080
6 $7,000 $1,260 $8,260
7 $8,000 $1,440 $9,440
8 $9,000 $1,620 $10,620
Input Drivers Output Drivers
AutoCAD OCE Wide Format
Inventor KIP Wide Format
SolidWorks Xerox Wide Format
Adobe PDF Adobe PDF
Universal Raster HP-RTL Format
PostScript HP-PCL Format
Windows Tif/CALS Format
MicroStation PostScript

It's Your Choice!

Plot Station Systems are modular; with Plot Server to perform all the heavy processing, Input Drivers for file types to be printed, Output Drivers for file formats or devices to be printed to, and Client Seats to enable plot submission. Select the number of Drivers and Client licenses you need.

Plot Station Batch Print Solution
Plot Station Client Price
# of Seats Seat Price Annual Maintenance Total
1-49 $100 $18 $118
50-99 $75 $14 $89
Unlimited $5000 $900 $5,900