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ImageSite is a comprehensive yet easy to use Engineering Document Management system that automates the three distinct phases of the engineering data lifecycle into one integrated solution for:

  • Design Data Management
  • Released Document Control
  • Long Term Archival

ImageSite provides this solution through the intelligent integration of Review & Approval Workflows, Document Lifecycles, Version Control and User/Group Security; providing real world solutions for engineering customers.

Document Management and Control Terminology.

ImageSite Document Management Design Release Archive

Design Data Management

A design oriented solution that manages the complex engineering data requirements of CAD users.

ImageSite is great with large engineering files like CAD and scanned drawings, handles complex reference file associations, provides integrated viewing and markup, and directly integrates CAD file properties with ImageSite search.

Engineering Change Management functions automate document approvals, revisions and control for design users.

  • Manages "Released" and "Non-Released" versions of documents.
  • Automatically triggers "Minor Versions" for each "Major Revision" of a document.
    • Major Revisions (A, B, C, etc.)
    • Minor Versions (A.1, A.2, B1, C.1, C.2, C.3, etc.)
  • Enables review and approval workflows.
  • Dynamically assigns document security.
ImageSite Design Change Management Version Control Lifecycle Workflow Approvals Reference Files Title Blocks Release Archive

Released Document Control

An integrated Document Control solution to store, manage, and distribute "Released" (Approved) documents for use by the broader organization.

ImageSite can be used as a stand alone "Released Document Management System" or as a highly integrated solution to manage the entire Design, Release and Archive process.

  • Use Engineering Change Request workflows to create new revisions of currently released documents and to approve changes to previously released documents.
  • A "Family History" to conveniently navigate between multiple versions of the same document with links between a document's Major "Released" Revisions and its Minor "Non-Released" Versions.
ImageSite Release Change Requests Collaboration Transmittals Distribution Change Control Use Tracking Notifications Design Archive

Long Term Archival

An engineering data archive solution.

Documentation of previous projects represents a tremendous investment in your business and provides a huge advantage in efficiently completing new projects.

However if users can't find relevant prior work they are forced to re-design projects from scratch.

  • Store previous designs, calculations, contract documents, drawings, and other corporate records with search criteria that allow it to be easily found and reused years later.
  • Establish a long term document retention management strategy.
  • Meet industry and compliance requirements.
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