Definition of Terms

Release Status - A characteristic of a document (or file) depicting its approval state and readiness for use within an organization. See Revision History Table Example.

Release : To make an approved document (or file) the official version for general use within an organization. A "Released" Document is the approved version for general usage.

Not-Released : A document (or file) that is not yet approved as the official version for general use. Documents whose Release Status is Not-Released are typically in a state of revision.

Revisions & Versions - A Revision is a significant variation of a document (or file) while a Version is a minor variation to a document (or file), sometimes representing only the most recent update to a file as it is in the process of being edited.

Major Revision - Major revisions to documents (or files) typically signify a "Released" or approved status for general use by an organization. A single letter or number is often used to signify a Major Revision, such as A, B, C, etc, or 1, 2, 3, etc.

Minor Version - Minor Versions of documents (or files) typically signify a "Not-Released" status as revisions to documents (or files) are being made. A combination of the Major / Minor numbering or labeling scheme is often used to designate a Minor Version such as C.2, C.2, C.3, etc.. In this example, the "C.3" value indicates the document (or file) is the 3rd Minor Version of Major Revision "C".

Change Management - In the context of Engineering Document Management, a Change Management System can be considered as a process for requesting, determining attainability, planning, implementing, and evaluating changes to Engineering Content such as drawings, designs, reports, etc. Wikipedia Reference.

Lifecycle - The series of states or stages in the lifespan of a document (or file) corresponding to significant changes in the status, availability, and usage of a document over time. Document Lifecycle software automates a variety of actions to a document based on its assigned Lifecycle category as documents change from one lifecycle state to another.

Workflow - ImageSite Workflow is a flowchart based and schedule driven software solution that automates a variety of review and approval tasks. Each workflow is a series of steps where each step contains a title, instructions, a deadline and a list of users who are expected to perform tasks outlined by that step. Assigned users are notified (by email) that they have work to do when a workflow advances to each step. Users are presented with a list of pending workflow actions in their Workflow Inbox. Users (and managers) are notified by email when their assigned workflow step is past its deadline.