Installed On Your Network

ImageSite installs on a Windows-based server of your choice. Install ImageSite on your corporate network inside your firewall for internal only use; Install ImageSite outside of your firewall (in your DMZ) for external vendor collaboration. Your inside users can eaily find the documents they need to work with and can collaborate directly with external users to get their jobs done. Synchronize the two system automatically so your data is always secure with the right level of access by both internal and external users no matter where ImageSite is installed!

Concurrent User License

ImageSite is licensed based on concurrent user license model. Since it's a web based solution, there is no client software required to install. Distribute an unlimited number of end user logins to everyone who might need access and just select the number of peak users (concurrent users) that will be allowed on the system at any point in time.

Pricing varies with number of concurrent licenses and options selected. See our interactive price page for details.

Great Customer Support

Your ImageSite Advantage Plan ensures that your users are fully supported via website access, email and phone contact.