Immediate access to all of your digital documents including 2D and 3D CAD files, office documents, scanned files, archives and more.

ImageSite® is a highly comprehensive yet affordable document management system with optional modules that extend its functionality. Select the advanced modules that are important to you.

ImageSite Advanced Modules:

  • Workflow
  • Active Directory
  • Digital Signature
  • Full Text Search

ImageSite CAD Connectors:

  • AutoCAD
  • MicroStation
  • SolidWorks
  • Inventor

ImageSite Modules Workflow Active Directory Digital Signature Full Text Search Cad Connectors

ImageSite Workflow | Flowchart Driven Schedule Based

ImageSite Workflow contains two major subsystems, a Document Lifecycle capability and an Approval Routing capability; these two subsystems work together to provide a very powerful and highly configurable business process automation solution.

The Document Lifecycle subsystem automatically assigns documents to a Lifecycle, typically based on document type or category and its intended use. Lifecycles often contain multiple "Lifecycle States" to model the behavior of documents as their status changes over time. Lifecycle rules govern a variety of actions that are automatically performed as documents change from one Lifecycle State to another including:

  • Change a document's metadata (such as an Approval Status value)
  • Modify the document's security settings.
  • Copy or Move documents from one location to another.
  • Delete or Archive documents.
  • Launch an approval Workflows

ImageSite Workflow Workflow Active Directory Digital Signature Full Text Search Cad Connectors

Approval Routing Workflows are equally powerful. This subsystem is flowchart based and schedule driven; it "carries" documents (and markups and folders) from user(s) to user(s) to automate virtually any schedule driven business process.

Each Approval Route is series of steps where one step leads to one or many other steps. Each step contains a title, instructions, a deadline and a list of users expected to perform tasks outlined by that step. When an Approval Route "lands" on a particular step, the assigned users at that step are notified by traditional email that they have work to do. A web link drives them to ImageSite where they will see one or many active tasks in their ImageSite Inbox.

When the user clicks on a current task, they are immediately presented with a flowchart view, showing them where their action is relative to the overall business process. The workflow route contains a complete history of the linked documents and comments entered by every participant in the workflow with a date and timestamp of when users made comments or advanced the workflow from one step to another.

Domain Security | Install It Anywhere

The ImageSite Domain Security module greatly reduces administrative overhead and makes ImageSite access more convenient for authorized users.

Secure access for ImageSite users and groups is automatically generated based on your Microsoft Windows User and Domain Group definitions. The ImageSite Administrator simply points to a domain and clicks to select the user groups to add in ImageSite. This is a tremendous time-saver when hundreds or thousands of users need to access ImageSite. Once users are logged into the company network, they are automatically logged into ImageSite, with having to re-enter their name and password to access ImageSite.

ImageSite Active Directory Workflow Active Directory Digital Signature Full Text Search Cad Connectors

You still have the flexibility to maintain ImageSite user accounts with a log-in and password. This is ideal for ImageSite users who are not a part of your company's network, such as vendors or subcontractors. Such users are prompted to provide their security information to access ImageSite. This ensures that only authorized users can access ImageSite within your company's firewall.

ImageSite can poll the corporate domain server for domain user information as often as you wish. If a company removes an employee's access to the company network, they are prohibited from the automated ImageSite log-in. This is further assurance that no unauthorized user can access ImageSite.

Document Management Software

ARX (Algorithmic Research) is a global provider of cost-efficient digital signature solutions for industries such as life sciences, healthcare, government, engineering, and energy. ARX's CoSign digital signature solution automates approvals affordably in a compliant manner, allowing organizations to go paperless, expedite business processes and save costs. The CoSign digital signature solution can be used seamlessly with ImageSite and other popular document management, distribution and collaboration solutions. CoSign signatures are globally acceptable by external partners without the need for proprietary-validation software. CoSign is also centrally managed through the organization's user directory for reliable control of signature privileges, and ease of use and administration.

CoSign Digital Signature Workflow Active Directory Digital Signature Full Text Search Cad Connectors

Full Text Search | Find It Easily

ImageSite's Full Text Search module provides a powerful tool for quickly and easily locating documents.

This optional module enables searching within the body of stored documents including AutoCAD, Word, PDF, Excel, Powerpoint, Email, and ASCII files. In other words, it searches for words in a file, much like a web search engine searches for web sites by searching for words on the web pages.

Text data is automatically submitted to the full text search engine for indexing on document check-in to ImageSite. The ImageSite Full Text Search (FTS) option displays a simple user interface that supports wild card values (asterisk), Boolean operators (and/or/not), and proximity values (words near other words) that can be used to perform full text searches.

ImageSite Full Text Search Workflow Active Directory Digital Signature Full Text Search Cad Connectors

CAD Connectors | Engineering Automation

Designed by Engineers for Engineers

  • Integrated ImageSite web-based viewer for:
    • AutoCAD® (requires Connector)
    • SolidWorks (requires Connector)
  • Dynamic reference files support
  • Title block (metadata) integration
  • CAD layer and reference file display control

Engineering Collaboration

  • Extensive engineering-oriented markup capabilities with custom symbol support
  • Electronic "sticky notes" to add text notes to documents or to a specific portion of a document
  • Encapsulations with a self-contained viewer to allow offline document viewing, measurement, and markup
  • Measure distances and areas on scaled drawings using paper coordinates or real world dimensions
  • Active event monitors to automatically notify users when changes of interest occur.

ImageSite CAD Connectors Workflow Active Directory Digital Signature Full Text Search Cad Connectors