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Architectural, Engineering, Construction and Owner (AECO) organizations create complex engineering cad concepts and designs which include large amounts of CAD files, specifications, calculations, transmittals, submittals, change orders and documents. The effective storage and management of these documents is critical to ensure designs are properly interpreted, construction is done correctly and the resulting infrastructure is successfully operated.

Read more on how engineering document control by eQuorum addresses the specific business problem and challenges for AECs looking to drive efficiencies and enhance collaboration.


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  • Engineering Document Management

    Business problem:

    The volume, size and complexity of the files created in AEC organizations presents challenges around searching and finding documents - engineering document management - making it difficult to ensure correct versions are being used. In addition, AEC organizations often are faced with challenges around:


    • Providing appropriate security levels to ensure the right users view, edit, or collaborate with important intellectual property.


    • Maintaining old files and the inability to distinguish current files from old ones.


    • Inefficient processes around document creation, revision and approval.

    How eQuorum helps:

    ImageSite delivers a secure repository and integrates the leading AEC CAD formats (AutoCAD, MicroStation and soon Revit) with title block integration, automatic reference file detection, integrated viewing and markups.

    In addition, ImageSite provides AEC organizations with:

    • Access to local files with an enterprise view of all files stored across multiple repositories
    • Flexible storage (folder) structures
    • Metadata (search criteria)
    • Flexible lifecycle and workflow processes
    • Document (and folder) level security models
    • Fully automatic version control capabilities
    • File synching across multiple locations.


    ImageSite improves internal CAD Drawing Management processes, including reviews and approvals for issued documents. This enhances collaboration with AEC organizations and outside design partners, construction contractors, and client organizations.

  • Engineering Change Management

    Business challenge:

    Changes required during later phases of the design process greatly impact project costs and schedules.

    As such, AECs need a rigorous engineering change management process to keep projects on track.

    How eQuorum helps:

    ImageSite automates revisions to existing documents. ImageSite’s document lifecycle and workflows can be configured as an Engineering Change Request (ECR) solution that enables:

    ◦ Authorized parties to submit ECRs

    ◦ ECR routing to appropriate users for review

    ◦ ECR routing to appropriate decisions makers for approval

    ◦ ECR routing to engineering/design users to implement changes.

    Organizations can classify revisions as “major” or “minor” and determine who can access and edit the documents at any point in the lifecycle.


    These improved engineering work processes drive productivity throughout AEC organizations – saving them significant time and money while reducing errors.

  • Engineering Transmittals

    Business challenge:

    Virtually all AEC organizations use formal engineering transmittal procedures. In many cases, those procedures are paper based.

    Document transfer activities within these organizations can impact a project’s outcome – including contracts and budgets. As a result, organizations often require a complete audit trail of work being performed between all the associated parties.

    How eQuorum helps:

    ImageSite offers full engineering transmittal capabilities. With ImageSite, AEC organizations can:

    • Quickly and easily find specific documents requiring transmittal
    • Create transmittal letters with references to each of the associated documents
    • Transmit documents in a variety of ways, including email transmission or posting entire transmittals with email notification to recipient users.


    ImageSite can be configured to perform transmittals in a closed loop process, that delivers confirmation of recipient and an integrated review and subsequent action process.

    These improved engineering work processes drive productivity throughout AEC organizations – saving them significant time and money while reducing errors.

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