eQuorum has been developing software products for over 20 years and has established some of the best software development capabilities in the industry. Using our talent and our experience working with numerous systems (both in-house and purchased), we have worked with many customers to tailor ImageSite and Plot Station to meet specific requirments.


Literally there has not been a software customization request we have been unable to accommodate. Why is this? Because our products are developed as modules that are highly configurable using the latest technology and extending or changing functionality is relatively easy. The only condition we ask is that changes made for you do not impact the product for general distribution (i.e., changes don't alter the base functionality).

If you don't see functionality you know you must have or want an integration with almost any other legacy system, just ask. We have the flexibility in the products to meet just about any request. If using existing APIs is the easiest method we will use that approach. If exports of metadata or files for import to other systems is the best approach we use our extensive exporting capability. Lastly, if custom code is required you'll be amazed at the speed we can create a solution.

software customization

HTML5 (state-of-the-art) code that is modular and highly configurable


Websockets Adapter to interface web-browsers with local machines


Robust and easy to use Application Programming Interface (API)


No JAVA required


XML and URL linking for fast integration with legacy systems


Software customization is affordable since we can typically incorporate improvements in the software for all customers


All customization work is supported, unconditionally, going forward


The best way to understand what ImageSite can do for you is to see it for yourself.
Contact us to learn more or schedule a demo and let us show you our software in action.



eQuorum’s comprehensive, yet easy-to-use Engineering Document Management Software provides the solution to manage data - from design through manufacturing and production, to sales, support, and administration.