ImageSite's Autodesk Vault integration publishes files to ImageSite and records the defined metadata fields, allowing easy searching, viewing, and printing of released drawings

Autodesk Vault Integration

Deployment is fast, since no software is required on the client PCs, aside from a standard web browser.


DXF files are can be utilized to act as Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) files for milling machine processing; these files are not viewable when stored in Vault, but are viewable in ImageSite, giving a machinist a quick visual confirmation before downloading and loading the file into the CNC device


File views are light weight and quick, allowing salespeople to login from remote locations and perform quick searches and views of the drawing files


Let Engineering use Vault to manage the more complex part/ assembly relationships while ImageSite's Vault Integration can automatically publish documents based on state transition, enabling and ensuring the current, correct documents are shared with the organization. Metadata entered into Vault is transferred to the ImageSite database, allowing easy searching. Documents are viewed, collected, downloaded, distributed, and printed by authorized users without need for any client software, using ImageSite as the portal for access to Vault documents.

Additionally, ImageSite can allow or restrict document access based on its Vault state. For example, when a document is moved to an “In Revision” state in Vault, ImageSite can immediately flag the document and prevent operations such as printing and downloading until the revision is complete and the document is Released.

Using Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) from both Autodesk Vault and ImageSite, the desired behavior is implemented in such a way that no extra steps by the users are necessary. Configuration files define which file types are to be managed (DWG, IDW, DXF, DOC, XLS, PDF, etc.) and how metadata fields are mapped between the two products. Additionally, a routine that integrates with Vault monitors the various workflow states of a document. If a document is released, an entry is made in the Vault’s “Job Queue” to be processed by the eQuorum Vault Service.


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