Benefits of a Document Control System for Utilities and Energy Providers

Utility and energy providers require a vast number of documents to manage their facilities and must use them to create effective communication, collaboration and coordination. These companies need a system to manage documents, as they can quickly lose control over their version integrity, operational efficiency, security and productivity. Economic impacts to the business landscape from the global pandemic has forced companies to pivot and implement new business models. One new business model requires documents to be readily available, from any location, with more efficient methods for conveying, approving and securing data and intellectual property. There are several benefits of a document control system that can power utilities and energy providers forward.

Benefits of a Document Control System:

  • Data security
  • Efficient storage and business continuity
  • Faster project turnaround
  • Transparency for vendors and contractors

Data Security 

Utility and power distribution companies face the ongoing threat of intellectual property (IP) theft and general loss of IP. A document management system can mitigate or eliminate this threat by requiring users to employ multiple levels of authentication and authorization. Features such as multi-factor authentication (MFA), IP blocking, and whitelisting can be used to ensure only properly authenticated users have access to the system and its files. Additionally, once a permitted user enters the system, they will only be granted access to information pertinent to their role. This principle is known as “least privilege,” which is outlined by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in SP 800-171. Audit trails monitor and report on user usage to report on malicious activity or track down who and when errors were made. Audit trails also help utility and power companies meet regulatory requirements by maintaining documentation throughout a project's entire lifecycle.

Efficient Storage and Business Continuity

Companies can utilize an engineering workflow and document management system to preserve knowledge, as all system users are required to follow the same set of document management procedures. This ensures organizations don’t lose files as workers move between companies or technical expertise of the retiring generation. A document management system memorializes legacy systems and procedures, helps train new hires and allows for role-based file access. With the proper document management software in place, like ImageSite, these organizational shifts occur with less disruptions.

Faster Project Turnaround

Workers spend a large portion of their time searching for and handling documents, creating inefficiencies in workflows that can lead to project delays. Recent studies show that document searching and handling accounts for roughly 30 percent of the time required for engineering document management.  ImageSite and Engine-Box provide sophisticated and quick search capabilities using both metadata attributes and full text search indexing. Both engineering workflow and document management systems provide internal and external notifications to ensure the timeliness of projects, and accuracy of information. Users can automate document actions, eliminating the time needed for manual handling. Project managers can review workflow velocity, audit trails and identify bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and unneeded tasks to help teams finish projects faster.

Transparency for Vendors and Contractors

With ImageSite and Engine-Box, companies can ensure vendors have access to the files they need, when they need them, without granting them access to an internal network or unnecessary files. Additionally, the RFI/Submittal and Transmittal modules in ImageSite ensure speedy communications between third parties, and complete control over project deadlines. It is the perfect solution, as it helps utility and energy providers simplify collaboration and increase overall efficiency of engineering workflows.

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ImageSite and Engine-Box

ImageSite and Engine-Box (the Cloud version of ImageSite) are eQuorum’s robust workflow and document management solutions, created to help workers manage their essential workflows while maintaining complete control over their engineering files and documents.  Not only do they provide a secure collaboration site for workers, but they also help organizations manage document distribution with third parties like vendors, contractors, and customers. Both systems are offered at a competitive price, enabling organizations to get a quick return on their investment by providing the features and functionality needed to help organizations improve efficiency, productivity, and collaboration.  Companies can choose from concurrent user subscriptions or named user subscriptions, ensuring organizations have subscription options that make sense for their business. Learn more why our solution is trusted by industry leaders.

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