Document Management System Trends

A document management system, commonly referred to as a DMS, helps companies better manage their files and documents, providing them with a secure repository in which they can easily locate and access their important files.  Organizations have been using document management systems for quite some time now since they provide a vast array of applications in various industries and are often used in engineering-related industries such as the AEC, manufacturing, healthcare, and defense industries, as well as most facilities management functions at large companies. The document management system trends include: mobile access, lower costs, and version control.

Mobile Access

With the growth in the use of mobile devices and the increasing number of remote employees entering the workforce, many DMS providers have begun to drive their focus towards mobile accessibility.  Gone are the days in which workers are confined to on-premise document management, as cloud document management software is a more secure option than ever before.

Engine-Box (the Cloud version of eQuorum’s ImageSite DMS) utilizes commercial-grade security provided by AWS (Amazon Web Services) – one of the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platforms.  Contrary to many misconceptions, files located in AWS’ cloud servers are virtually impenetrable, making it the perfect place for organizations handling confidential intellectual property (IP).

Using Engine-Box, engineers can access their drawings and documents using any mobile device.  Devices include laptops, tablets, and smartphones (without a mobile app).  While workers will need their CAD software to edit their CAD drawings, it is still the perfect solution for document distribution across teams and third parties like vendors, contractors, and customers.

Version Control

Another software feature and one of the handful of engineering document management system trends is extensive version control.  Eliminating rework is one of the best ways to improve productivity.  Far too often, workers often mishandle files and documents, making it difficult for them and other team members to locate the correct and most current file version.  ImageSite and Engine-Box automatically update and maintain file versions as new versions are entered into the system, making it easy to monitor changes and reduce rework.

Users can effortlessly locate back revisions of the documents, if needed, so managers and auditors can review the past versions of a file and reverse changes or mistakes, as applicable.  Additionally, the system provides audit trails of changes made by users in the system, eliminating the need for managers to locate changes manually.

Lower Costs

After their conception in the late 1980s, document management systems were expensive and didn’t include the same features they do today.  Now, document management systems are more affordable and include a variety of features that help organizations improve productivity and collaboration.  With the expansion of internet-based applications, document management systems include more integrations and enable users to access their files quicker than they would with the old systems.

ImageSite and Engine-Box are affordable engineering document management solutions for companies of all sizes. With subscription pricing, businesses can implement the system, paying a fraction of what they would for competing products.  Additionally, it provides access to robust features and add-ons yielding the same, if not better, results.

ImageSite and Engine-Box

ImageSite and Engine-Box are robust engineering document management solutions for companies of all sizes. They provide advanced features that help organizations manage their engineering-related IP and collaboration between workers across their organizations.  Both systems support various file types, including CAD files, such as AutoCAD, Inventor, SOLIDWORKS, MicroStation, Revit, and NX.  Companies managing thousands, or even millions of engineering documents can use ImageSite and Engine-Box to secure and distribute their files, automate document-centric workflows within our engineering workflow system.

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