Benefits of Document Version Control Software

There are several benefits of document version control software. Versioning of documents and drawings is an essential part of the engineering design process. All project members must be aware of changes made to a document/drawing throughout a workflow to eliminate confusion and reduce the need for rework. Versioning is simple, yet it's something that many organizations still struggle with, as mistakes can lead to issues throughout a project.

Document version control can significantly improve productivity for engineering-based companies, as it reduces document handling time and provides a clear overview of who made changes to a document, when they implemented the changes, and which version is currently under review and which version is current.  Document version control is a feature of engineering document management systems that has helped countless organizations across the globe streamline workflow document management. Some of the benefits of document version control software include:

Version Schemes

Versioning schemes often differ across organizations and can be alphabetical, numeric, or alphanumeric. Most commonly, version schemes are numeric, using a decimal point to indicate the changes minor and major version changes (e.g., Version 2.6 would indicate this is the second major version of a document and six minor revisions have been made).

Sometimes, organizations prefer to use an alphanumeric versioning scheme, using a combination of letters and numbers to indicate version status. Typically, in this case, the first character (letter) will indicate major version changes, while the second character (number) will indicate minor version changes (e.g., Version B.6).

Major version numbers typically correspond with new developments like redesigns and changes to the concept, while the minor versions typically represent small changes made to a drawing or document. In software development, engineers may use a third character to indicate code patches (bug fixes).

Versioning for Review Processes

Versioning makes it easy to manage both internal and external review processes, as these numbers provide vendors and contractors with a clear understanding of the document edition they are viewing. Version numbers can differ depending on the project or department. Although varying schemes are not necessary, they can provide clarity for workers who may be accustomed to a different versioning scheme.

Engineering review processes can be simple or complex, depending on the number of people involved in the project and the complexity of the engineering document review workflow. Well-managed versioning can simplify this process by ensuring workers know the version status and are provided with historical version records.

Document Version Control

Versioning can be made simple through the use of a document version control software (e.g., ImageSite and Engine-Box). Users can manage their document review process by creating, maintaining multiple versions of a document while ensuring the most current files are being used. They allow you to maintain historical metadata of version changes, provide a snapshot in time, and a complete document history as an audit trail.

Additionally, by automating the versioning process, users can ensure no mistakes have been made while naming new versions and that updated versions are easy to find. Workers can also revisit back versions if necessary, as all back versions of a file can be accessed from within the document version control system.

ImageSite and Engine-Box

ImageSite is a full-fledged engineering document management system, with useful features such as document version control, engineering workflow and digital redlining. Engine-Box is the Cloud version of ImageSite, as it includes the same features with improved accessibility.

eQuorum (the creators of ImageSite) have been building leading technology for more than 25 years, and are among the first to create a Hybrid Cloud document management solution. The Hybrid Cloud, unlike traditional Cloud software, enables organizations to enjoy the benefits of both On-premise and Private Cloud access. Not only does this provide continuity for businesses, but it also allows organizations to create backups of their files for disaster recovery.

ImageSite and Engine-Box have helped companies manage document versioning for years and have only gotten better as time progressed. ImageSite’s version control functionality is highly configurable, as it allows organizations to customize versioning schemes depending on their preferences. The software also has capabilities that help companies manage their workflows surrounding their documents so they can achieve their objectives efficiently and productively.

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