Engine-Box for Engineering Workflow

Every day, engineers routinely manage hundreds, if not thousands of documents. With the increase in the number of files engineers need to complete their objectives, most engineering-based companies ultimately need a better way to manage and secure these files - their intellectual property. Additionally, they need to make this information more accessible to workers across teams, departments, and throughout the globe, in many cases.

ImageSite and Engine-Box provide a collaboration workspace for engineers managing CAD and engineering content, engineering workflow, engineering transmittal, and more. Depending on the nature of their organization, most companies will likely need a document management system that provides the functionality to ensure remote workers can collaborate successfully and remain productive from conceptual design through to production. Below are reasons to consider Engine-Box for engineering workflow.

Engineering Workflow and Approvals

Workflows are defined as the movement of work through activities that create or use engineering data. A workflow, however, is not limited only to the flows of the Engineering Department. Activities often occur across teams, departments, and even outside the company, making managing them difficult to administrate for ill-equipped organizations.

Engine-Box unites engineers, as it provides visibility and control over simple and complex project workflows. The software utilizes both internal and external (via email) notifications so project members are up-to-date with the status of a workflow, and whether they need to take action during a given step. Documents in a workflow may require approval before advancing to another step, which is also managed within the system.

Engineering Workflow

Engine-Box’s workflow module also can save time, as it automates manual tasks associated with a document throughout its lifecycle. Users can automate actions like transferring, copying, deleting, archiving and publishing to save time and reduce the risk of errors. Additionally, it can even make changes to a document’s metadata as it moves from one step in a workflow to another.

One of the most highly regarded functions of Engine-Box’s workflow automation capabilities is its ability to automatically change user permissions as a document moves between steps. This adheres to the principle of least privilege (outlined in NIST SP 800-171), meaning users can only access documents if they have the privilege to view or make changes to a document. System administrators can also employ consistent Access Control at multiple levels in the system, including at the global, project, file, or file metadata levels.

Digital Signature in Workflows

With growing concerns over security, it is more important than ever for companies to employ security features such as digital signatures when managing the review and approval of documents. This feature permits users to assign an unmodifiable digital signature to a drawing or document to signify approval and authenticity. Furthermore, it provides valuable information for audit purposes as the non-repudiation process assures the document signer cannot deny the authenticity of their signature or the act of signing.

The underlying technology behind digital signatures is highly-sophisticated. Engine-Box can ensure authenticity by creating public and private encryption key pairs for authorized signers. Using complex encryption for signatures adds the needed level of security and assurance engineers’ demand.


Engine-Box is robust software designed to simplify document-centric engineering processes. Users collaborate over files and documents from any location, whether in the office, at a job site, or on the production floor.  Because there is no client software to deploy or any mobile app to download it is exceptionally easy to deploy. Simply access the system using your device's browser. Discover here why our cloud document management software and engineering workflow solution is trusted by many industry leaders worldwide.

Engine-Box is available with subscription pricing, so you only pay for what you need, especially good for project work. Schedule a demo at https://www.equorum.com/contact-us/.