Engine-Box: Your Cloud Document Management Solution Now on AWS Marketplace

Engine-Box, eQuorum's cloud document management system, is now available on Amazon Web Services Marketplace.

Despite the lockdowns and working from home, this year has been all about convenience - from packages delivered straight to our doorsteps, to mobile applications with which we can pay for what we need directly from our smartphones. These are among the seemingly endless innovations that have kept us safe and have improved the way we interact with businesses. As we prepare ourselves for the new year, we continue to find ways to perpetuate this trend of innovation and convenience.

Amazon is one of the companies that has benefited the most from the quarantine. So, as Amazon packages have been making their way into the household of almost every American consumer, it’s no wonder that companies are turning to AWS Marketplace as a go-to source for business SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) applications.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has been regarded as a trustworthy company for many years, mainly due to its reputation for being one of the world’s most secure and reliable Cloud platform providers. eQuorum uses AWS to provide commercial-grade security for our Cloud-based Workflow and Document Management System, Engine-Box, which uses the Cloud to help customers get unlimited manage and access their most important files and documents.

AWS Marketplace, which made its debut in 2012, is an online store where customers can find, buy, and quickly deploy software that runs on AWS. Software prices are posted clearly on the website and users can purchase software immediately with payment instruments already on file with Amazon Web Services. eQuorum now leverages the convenience of AWS Marketplace to further enhance our customer’s buying experience.

AWS has the largest and most dynamic Cloud community, with millions of customers across virtually every industry. We’re excited to be a part of this community as it allows us to provide our comprehensive workflow and document management solution to a larger audience looking to solve real problems.

The Cloud has opened up a huge window of opportunity for eQuorum, and our customers, as it provides the flexibility we need to help businesses scale while maintaining our low-cost infrastructure. Additionally, it’s mutually beneficial to both us and our customers as it reduces the amount of maintenance required to manage the system. (Updates to the application are done automatically by eQuorum as they are developed with no need for customer intervention or assistance.)

The convenience on AWS Marketplace makes implementation quick and hassle-free, as users can subscribe to the system at the click of a button. Simply log into AWS and click subscribe. That’s all! No need to deal with salespeople or schedule an appointment. To make things even easier, all bill payments are handled directly through AWS Marketplace.

AWS Marketplace also ensures the quality of the products it has listed. Before products can be listed on the marketplace, they are scanned and reviewed by the AWS team. Customers shopping on AWS Marketplace can be assured that they are paying for something that Amazon Web Services deems a quality product – worthy of maintaining the high-quality reputation AWS aims to uphold.

AWS’ re:Invent Conference, which is currently taking place through December 18th, hosts several keynote speakers, who will be discussing the latest updates about AWS customers, products, and services. Week 1 of the re:Invent Conference is available on-demand and can be viewed on reinvent.awsevents.com. Registration is still open to all who are interested in attending, and we encourage customers to check it out.

eQuorum is excited to be working with such a reputable brand as a way to distribute our products to customers who need our services. As a provider of one of the most cutting-edge workflow and document management systems, we know the importance that reputation makes on a customer’s buying decision. We’ve been building our reputation for more than 25 years, and have believe we have some of the most satisfied customers in the industry. time and time again.

Learn more about Engine-Box on AWS Marketplace. Or schedule a demo, here.