eQuorum Customer Developments – Hormel Foods Seeks to End Child Hunger

eQuorum is proud to share with you some of our customers’ latest developments. eQuorum partners with industry-leading manufacturers and is an essential component of their engineering and manufacturing workflow. 

Hormel Foods Corporation was established in 1891 by George A. Hormel. The company initially sold meat products to customers and quickly began to grow as they expanded their product line. The company came from humble beginnings, as the founder borrowed $500 to open a meat business - approximately $15,000 in today’s money. Over the next century, the company became a household name, as Hormel’s products made their way into grocery stores across the country.

Today, Hormel Foods is driving their attention towards a new CSR initiative – to end child hunger in the United States. Ending child hunger is no simple feat, and it’s becoming increasingly more difficult for companies who are looking to help the effort. Since the closure of schools, due to the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, there has been a significant increase in the number of children struggling with hunger. Last year, one in six children in the United States were unsure of where their next meal was coming from, which has grown to one in four children this year.

This year the brand will donate more than 20,000 meals to the Conscious Alliance’s On the Road to End Childhood Hunger campaign. Applegate, Hormel Food Corporation’s natural and organic meats company, will be donating organic meals to children in need and hopes to double the number of meals donated to the campaign and has created a fundraising page for the initiative. Their goal is to raise $100,000 this winter, as it will allow them to distribute 200,00 meals to children and their families.

Aside from their CSR initiatives, Hormel Foods is preparing itself for an unorthodox holiday season. Far fewer people will be traveling for the holidays compared to previous years, which means families will take a less traditional approach to their holiday meals. This year provides the company with a great opportunity to sell giftable food products that will provide customers and their families with the traditional holiday experience they expect, which the company has pursued.

Hormel Foods has been a client of eQuorum for many years, utilizing ImageSite, eQuorum’s on-premise workflow and document management solution, to help manage the considerable number of files and documents required to manage engineering and manufacturing processes. The software ensures the company can manage its intellectual property securely while increasing the efficiency in which the corporation can search for and distribute documents amongst their teams.

Helping companies achieve maximum efficiency is a key goal for eQuorum’s developers, as we offer tools that provide significant value for our clients. Most important is protecting our client’s proprietary information, as they manage and distribute documents throughout their organization.

Manufacturers typically require various file types (particularly CAD files) to manage their facilities, equipment, parts, and products, while needing to ensure they have complete control over file versions as they change within the system.

Though ImageSite is particularly useful for file management and version control its capabilities extend far beyond document management. Optional add-ons like the Workflow Plus module or the RFIs/Submittals module allow customers to manage and automate workflows and their various steps, as well as manage critical communications between vendors or downstream contractors.

Engine-Box, the Cloud version of ImageSite, is now available on AWS Marketplace, Amazon Web Services’ leading SaaS solutions marketplace.

Want to learn more about Engine-Box? Click here. Or, click here to learn more about AWS Marketplace. To join Applegate and Conscious Alliance On the Road to End Childhood Hunger, visit https://consciousalliance.networkforgood.com/projects/116952-applegat-s-fundraiser