eQuorum customers have told us how much they appreciate the updates included in ImageSite Version 11, which is why our engineers have been working around the clock to further enhance the latest features. Version 11.1 provides the user with a variety of new capabilities, including more integrations, support for more file types, and ease-of-use improvements that make ImageSite a truly superior workflow and document management system. eQuorum continuously strives to provide systems that host the functionality needed to complete complex tasks and meet rigorous security standards, while maintaining the highest level of usability.

Support for More IdPs

ImageSite now supports more IdPs such as OneLogin, Azure, AWS, and Google, giving users the ability to use Single Sign-On (SSO) when using the Cloud system. Single Sign-On (SSO), improves identity protection, and simplifies password management for users, integrating directly into company Active Directory services.  Adding users and changing privileges is as easy as just updating the AD.

Automatic Archiving

ImageSite is automating more processes with each update to improve the way users interact with the system. In Version 11.1, users can automatically archive documents and their attached metadata based on numerous criteria, including status, retention dates, versions, etc.  . Moreover, users can recreate archived files in ImageSite, with their metadata, should they need to access the files again.

Visio File Support

ImageSite Version 11.1 supports Microsoft Visio files, such as the .VSD file extension, adding to the surfeit of file types already supported by the system. Many companies use Visio as a simple means of managing various projects and their essential workflows, which they can now upload to the system quickly and with ease. This is particularly useful for customers looking to reference a Visio file while automating workflows or managing drawings such as flow charts, network diagrams, or floor plans.

Clearing Search Fields

eQuorum is always looking for ways to refine the customer experience within the system. It’s our belief in simplicity that motivates our engineers to improve the way our customers are interacting with the system and provide them with highly efficient ways to find and manage their files and documents.

ImageSite hosts a robust search tool that enables users to identify and select files amongst thousands, or even millions of files. The tool allows users to create various filters using conditional logic that can be saved for repeated use. Our engineers have further simplified the search functionality by adding a “Clear All Fields” button, eliminating the need to manually clear each field when conducting a completely new search.

Classic ImageSite

Over the years, ImageSite has grown to become one of the most advanced workflow and document management systems on the market. As bittersweet as it may be, with our latest release, we have officially retired ImageSite Classic, as we make room for newer and greater innovations. Since Classic, ImageSite has gained an abundance of features that have rendered the old system obsolete.


Whether your company is in the AEC, manufacturing, utilities, government, or education industry, eQuorum has the solutions you need. ImageSite tackles issues over file distribution, security, workflow management, and document management head-on, making it easy for engineers to manage document-centric processes and documents needed to complete a project efficiently. Now with Version 11.1’s new features and integrations, this job has been made even simpler, ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

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