Drive Value and Innovation with Imagesite 

Innovation has always been the talking point for many organizations. It drives culture and has propelled us into the future. Whether you like it or not, times are changing, and they’re changing fast. And with the ever-transforming socioeconomic landscape, it’s no wonder that innovation continues to remain the primary topic of discussion.

New product development typically sets the framework for innovation, and despite advancements in engineering design processes, the principals remain the same. As per historical approaches, drafting, design, and testing typically require complex workflows and a long string of reviews and approvals. In today’s digital age, document-centric workflows no longer need to be managed through manual processes but should be managed through EDMS (Electronic Document Management Systems) like ImageSite.

Before making the decision to implement a variation of ImageSite EDMS, many of our customers have spent countless hours on document handling and process management. For over two decades, eQuorum has dedicated our efforts to helping organizations, big and small, solve big problems, and, to their delight, the ROI has spoken for itself, in addition to benefits that derive from the robust functionality of the product. In many cases, customers have seen a positive return on investment in less than a year from implementation.

Unlike similar systems, ImageSite includes all the functionality of an advanced EDMS, but at a fraction of the cost, making it arguably the most competitive and value-driven system on the market to-date. For years, eQuorum has been talking to our customers to determine exactly what it is that their organizations need to keep up with ongoing innovation, and have continued to meet and exceed their expectations.

Through innovation and rapid implementation, eQuorum’s customers continue to conceive the unimaginable. Whether it be finding alternative energy solutions or moving towards advances in modern medicine, we can rest easy knowing that our customers are well equipped to achieve their goals. Here at eQuorum, we are thrilled to have our products in the hands of such innovative companies.

Like the companies we serve, our solutions are developed with innovation in mind. ImageSite is designed to solve complex workflow and document management problems. Our solutions can effectively help users improve their efficiency, security, control, and file distribution, while also ensuring their documents are backed-up and stored in compliance with federal regulations.

In consideration of recent events, we are offering a free extended 60-day trial of Engine-Box, our Cloud engineering document and workflow management system –

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