Use Product Data Management to Improve Productivity

A document management system (DMS) is more than a repository where companies store files and documents. It’s a place where workers can collaborate, share ideas, and monitor valuable product lifecycle information. Unbeknown to many, a document management system provides an immensity of data that helps companies improve productivity, rethink workflows, and develop new channels for communication.

Beneath the core functionality of a document management system lies a gold mine of data waiting to be explored – data that can be used to identify information silos, troubleshoot issues, and reduce the time-to-market of products. Implementing a document management system is typically a great start for companies determined to use data to enhance productivity in their pursuit of greater profits and greater accuracy.

Prior to the digitization era, companies relied solely on “man-power” to improve productivity and output. Simply, the more employees a company had, the more they could produce. Although the production line was invented to improve output as early as 1913, this now antiquated school of thought was predominantly seen in the early 20th Century and continued throughout WWII, when the production of military goods was at an all-time high. The same thinking applied to engineering-related disciplines, as the influx in technology during this time led to the need for more engineers in the facilities.

Today, organizations do things differently. As companies quickly realized the potential of computerized and robotic technologies, they determined they were better off leveraging data and automation to lessen each employees’ workload. Employing highly productive workers minimized the number of employees needed, and significantly reduced operating expenses. This evolution created disruptive change in the manufacturing, engineering, and construction industries, as companies raced to achieve a technological advantage over their competition.

Though most document management systems include basic search capabilities enabling users to quickly locate relevant documents, few systems offer functionality that genuinely promotes collaboration. eQuorum understands the modern needs of engineers, which is why we include features such as version control, engineering workflow, full-text recognition, and audit trails within our highly-configurable, single-source software.

ImageSite and Engine-Box (eQuorum’s on-premise and Cloud SaaS DMS, respectively) utilize workflow audit trails to collect data managers can use to manage and optimize existing processes. Once an inefficiency is discovered, managers can create a series of workflows that employ automation to eliminate manual document-centric tasks. Additionally, highly tracked and managed workflows give vendors, customers, and other stakeholders greater visibility over the status of projects if the workflows are designed in a way that accurately represents a team’s progress.

Document version control enables collaboration by tracking new versions of a document as it enters into the system. Gone are the days where files are located in a cabinet or stored on a worker’s desktop computer with underscored version numbers. Instead, companies can now share and revise files from any location around the world, without duplicating efforts or misfiling information and ensuring everyone is employing the correct version, greatly reducing rework.

Notifications can also improve the speed at which team members complete a project, as it alerts them of what changes were made and at what point in time. ImageSite notifications can be configured to display either internally (within the system) or externally via email depending on the company’s preference.

The need to track and adjust processes becomes more essential as companies grow, as what worked a few years ago may not work in today’s world with more files, more participants, and more complexity. Companies must continue to adapt and innovate processes if they want to get ahead of the competition and continue to remain profitable. ImageSite and Engine-Box DMS give businesses the edge they need to compete in times like these when efficiency is everything. These systems are designed to stimulate growth through productivity, efficiency, and clarity, as engineers turn their ideas into reality through collaboration. Discover here why our cloud document management software and engineering workflow solution is trusted by many industry leaders worldwide.

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