Using ImageSite on AWS Marketplace

Organizations continue to focus on increasing productivity through greater information distribution and collaboration, as well as through automation of formerly manual tasks, though often at the expense of security and the insertion of human intuition. So, software solutions that offer both productivity improvements and greater security are invaluable.

Finding these solutions is painstaking and frustrating, as apples to apples comparisons are difficult to make, and understanding the time to implement, ramp up, and gain forecasted benefits is very uncertain, making decision-making complex and fraught with the specter of making the wrong selection for the organization. Perhaps hamstringing it for years or costing it magnitudes of the original expense estimates.

AWS (Amazon Web Services) is making it easier to find and get access to highly functional software based on their shared resource model, offering an online marketplace. Bringing together thousands of options for organizations looking for easy to implement software-as-a-service (SaaS) products. Using AWS’s infrastructure to host and distribute the software, robust software products are simply selected and employed.

The AWS Marketplace allows organizations to find, acquire, and pay for applications using their portal, and since the software runs on AWS’ platforms can be spun up extremely quickly, while allowing infinite scaling using AWS’ capabilities. With many of the products being offered on a subscription basis, companies can utilize as much software as needed, scaling up and down based on projects and organizational needs.

AWS is known worldwide as a leader in platform security and data protection, making it a great choice for implementing any SaaS solution. For companies providing services to the U.S. government, AWS offers its govCloud platform with additional FedRamp, DFARS, and ITAR adherence. Protections that are costly for individual organizations to create and to maintain.

ImageSite, eQuorum’s robust engineering workflow and document management application, is now available through the AWS Marketplace. This makes sense on several fronts. First, ImageSite is written in HTML5, the most current Cloud-based language available, purpose-built for Cloud platforms running web services. Many Java-based applications and even client-server applications are now attempting to modify their software to fit into the Cloud platform model. Modifying existing software is difficult and usually provides a sub-optimal experience for users.

Secondly, ImageSite is targeted to support small and medium-sized business (SMBs) that often don’t have adequate Information Technology staff or capabilities, but certainly have the same business requirements as larger firms. Having access to a robust solution without having to worry about the cost, maintenance, and security of in-house systems lets SMBs contest at the same level as many of their competitors.

Lastly, many companies using engineering documents and drawings perform project-oriented work, requiring support primarily during the project duration. Acquiring and implementing a workflow and document management system for smaller, or shorter-lasting, projects may not be justified, especially given the annual expenses most applications require, even post-project.  Using AWS’ Marketplace for ImageSite (branded as lets organizations get access and use the software quickly, and for only as long as needed. Additionally, scaling the number of users up and down is straightforward so companies don’t have to worry about being strapped with high levels of licenses or subscriptions down the line.

To get started with ImageSite ( on AWS Marketplace, users simply search for eQuorum and select the Engine-Box Concurrent User Subscriptions (SMB version) option at Configure the system options that you would like (e.g., Workflow, Transmittals, Submittals, etc.) and you’ll receive an email to get you started with the application. Of course, at any time, you can contact eQuorum and we’ll assist in defining the right configuration for you, especially if there are features that you require that are not obvious within the selections.

Subscriptions can be purchased for the number of concurrent users that are needed. Concurrent users define how many individuals can be on the system at the same time, so you can create an unlimited number of user accounts on the system, noting that only the total number of concurrent subscriptions acquired can be on the system simultaneously. We have lots of experience on how to figure out the correct number of subscriptions based on your user base and the types of projects you execute, so contact us if you want some help.

Project subscriptions can be selected to fit your project and can be set to auto-renew if desired.  The subscription comes with full 24/7 support, with no phone trees or tickets, if you call, someone will pick up the call that knows your situation. Training is included with tutorial videos, in-product context help, and as many personal webinars as you need.

Getting access to useful tools to assist in getting the job done, without spending a ton, and without having to get more, or even some, IT resources, is now available through the AWS Marketplace and eQuorum’s ImageSite engineering workflow and document management application. Use ImageSite subscriptions for projects then simply not renew if they are no longer needed. Now you can use the tools you need for the projects you are trying to get done.