Cloud Document Management Software for the Construction Industry

Each day, before the sun rises, millions of construction workers wake up, drink their coffee, and begin their commute to the job site. Construction, like few others, is one of the longest-standing industries and has been the backbone of the U.S. economy since its establishment in the mid-1700s. With the growing scale and complexity of construction projects, it comes as no surprise that organizations struggle to manage communication and collaboration amongst project managers, construction laborers, architects, engineers, and vendors.

In the United States, among other countries, the construction industry is flourishing and is expected to grow by more than 4.3% on average each year. Construction spending recently topped $1.29 trillion in the past 2 years, and now accounts for 7% of total U.S. GDP. With all this growth, there’s no wonder that construction companies – large and small, are seeking alternative solutions to help better manage complex workflows, vendor and contractor collaboration, and document-centric communications needed to complete their complex objectives.

Since their introduction in the early 21st century, Cloud EDMS (electronic document management systems) have helped organizations improve cross-functional collaboration between builders, engineers, owners, and other stakeholders involved in the construction process. Only the most innovative and adept companies have realized the importance and power of a fully robust EDMS like ImageSite or Engine-Box, as these systems encompass every aspect of the typical project lifecycle, and can help piece together the many facets of the AECO arena.

EDMS technology helps owners and contractors build trust and understanding, while simultaneously providing them with the information they need to increase and maintain efficiency throughout their expansion. ImageSite provides greater visibility into project timelines and expansive insights that help management identify bottlenecks and inhibitory inefficiencies in project workflows. With the industry growing at lightning speed, companies can leverage this technology to rapidly scale and conquer the challenges that lie ahead, without sacrificing the level of quality their customers expect.

Many document management systems on the market today are jam-packed with frivolous features that fail to provide customers with any real or significant value. On the contrary, ImageSite was designed in conjunction with our engineers and customers, to make it the purpose-built system that it is today. eQuorum has provided AEC organizations with document management solutions for more than 20 years, giving eQuorum plenty of time to speak with customers about the features their companies need, rather than making bold assumptions about what they want.

Customers can expect to see advanced process automation in the latest major version of ImageSite which can be used to reduce the amount of time spent on menial, repetitive tasks. And, as always, the systems provide users with a secure document repository and provides them with a central base to manage workflows, RFIs, document transmittals, and markups on-site, in the office, or from anywhere.

ImageSite creates a truly collaborative environment for AEC companies, where all project members can express their ideas about project-specific information, without needing to manage and maintain records of their communication. Better yet, it facilitates version-centric communications by using advanced version control automation – configurable based on the preference of each company. Additionally, ImageSite automates both internal and email notifications that keep parties informed to further foster the relationships needed to drive successful outcomes.

As many other EDMS providers add more features to their system (typically fluff), the cost of their product increases exponentially. Small to medium companies often lack the wherewithal to justify such a large purchase as they typically don’t provide them with adequate ROI, or the functionality required to complete their desired objectives.

This is where eQuorum differs from its competitors. eQuorum believes in providing real value to customers, which means eliminating unnecessary costs, providing industry-leading functionality, and building a relationship that will last not one, but many years. eQuorum is proud to say that customers have been with the company for a long time, as they feel they can trust the level of support and attention that we provide.

With the abundance of document management systems on the market today, and the rapid growth that construction companies face, there’s no doubt that choosing the right cloud document management software can be a difficult decision. Whatever system they may choose, eQuorum is here to provide a comprehensive, powerful, and most importantly – an affordable alternative to mainstream construction management systems.

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