Cloud Workflow and Document Management

Access anywhere, any time

Get access to files from anywhere, any time! No longer are users constrained to having to be in the office to get the files they need. This means access from home, work sites, the production floor, at customers, any time of the day.  A huge improvement in work productivity happens during periods that have been traditionally down time.



Forget having to send hard copies around to get responses, or sending files by email and not knowing where they end up. With Engine-Box users can collaborate, in real-time, from anywhere, by viewing, redlining, and printing the same files.


No client software

There's no software or mobile app to download! Get to the cloud document management system by simply using the device’s browser, regardless of the device operating system or browser software, without needing to download and maintain client software or mobile apps. There is no deployment required; the system can be utilized almost immediately.


No infrastructure

With Engine-Box there is no infrastructure to maintain. The advantage of cloud systems is that it's managed by the solution provider and its IT staff. This reduces hardware and software requirements, many hours of IT support, and all those calls to IT to help with software they have very little knowledge of.



The cloud is a great tool for ensuring workflows are accomplished in real-time, as actions, decisions, and reports are accessible to all participants as they happen, increasing the speed and quality of decisions. Fewer mistakes and wrong turns result when all workflow participants are using the same information, the same versions, and they can see the same markups and redlines.



Engine-Box offers industry leading security and backup. Infrastructure security is typically improved as the system is hosted on a tier 1 outsourced platform provider with some of the worlds best intrusion protection, software and hardware backup, and virus and malware protection.


Subscription pricing

Rather than pay for licenses that may not be used in the future, subscription pricing lets organizations only pay for the user access they need. When project-oriented work is required, subscriptions can be acquired for the term of the project. The lower annual cost of subscriptions can also reduce the hit to the company’s capital budget.


eQuorum specializes in engineering workflow and document management. Our comprehensive, yet easy-to-use software provides the solution to manage data from design to manufacturing and production, to sales, support and administration.