Digital RFIs and Submittals for Construction

Construction companies face ever-growing challenges with budget constraints, turnover times, and the modern expectations of stakeholders in terms of meeting deadlines, quality, and maintaining constant communications. Into the bargain, companies now must keep up with the increase in global demand for construction, as the World population continues to rise each year.

Improving the processes of construction companies can be difficult at times, however, workflow management software can now help companies regain control over their ever-blossoming project workflows. Implementing tools such as integrated, Cloud-based software reduces error and rework for organizations using shared data, and who are looking to expand access to information across teams.

RFIs and Submittals

Though there are a myriad number of construction related workflows, we will focus on one of the most important in terms of meeting client expectations and improving overall communications – RFIs (Requests for Information) and Submittals.  When managed properly, they can increase productivity and provide greater clarity into the status and requirements of a project. Moreover, they allow construction companies to manage requests information that is crucial for project accuracy.

RFIs and submittals provide companies with a streamlined and standardized approach to communicating with third parties and internal staff, by effectively simplifying interactions with owners and downstream contractors. More than ever, companies can do this by leveraging digital solutions for managing RFIs, submittals, and other facets of their document-centric workflows.

Companies know inefficient processes can create destructive silos that impede essential construction workflows, which is in part why the RFI exists in the first place. RFIs and submittals are systematic, and can therefore be controlled and referenced throughout all stages of a construction projects. Regardless, however, many companies still exacerbate these processes by requiring workers to manage communication across applications without structured and integrated software systems.

Digital Solutions

A workflow and document management system provides companies with a common data environment for people involved in a construction project. It’s a centralized location for managing every aspect of document-centric project workflows. Using a Cloud workflow and document management system, companies access drawings, documents, and essential workflows continually from their mobile devices.

Using digital RFIs and submittals for construction reduces the time it takes to communicate information between team members and allows them to respond to changes quicker, often in real-time. The RFI and submittals module of a document management system helps companies stay on-budget by making it easy to identify the cost impact of changes and minimize rework due to lack of information or late decision-making. Additionally, it helps companies improve schedule awareness by providing RFI managers with notifications of upcoming deadlines.

ImageSite and Engine-Box

ImageSite and Engine-Box enable managers to delegate and communicate tasks to team members. In addition to the RFIs and submittals module, companies can automate document-centric tasks and assign responsibilities and approvals throughout workflows using the Workflow Plus module. This, in turn, creates accountability for all relevant parties, helping teams identify sources of information silos or bottlenecks as they occur. Both solutions enable office or project managers to review audit trails as actions are taken, or as new data is entered into the system. This allows for post-mortem analysis of workflow performance and identification of areas for improvement.

Information is kept in a single location, so details included in an RFI or submittal can be referenced at any point in time. Increased visibility takes the guesswork out of the equation, and ensures that managers can refer to a point of contact for questions or concerns regarding an RFI or submittal. It also allows managers to communicate within the system, so there are never questions as to what conversations have been had or when.

ImageSite streamlines construction project management workflows, and provides companies with a flexible, yet structured way to manage RFIs, submittals, and various other elements of workflows. System implementation is easy, as companies can get the system up and running within a matter of days. Tackle inefficiencies and start improving your construction project management workflows today. Discover here why our cloud document management software and engineering workflow solution is trusted by many industry leaders worldwide.

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