Employees are being encouraged to share and collaborate using digital documents and drawings; with the number of files, need for security and tracking, mobile access, and workflow control, a document management solution is required even more
Document Distribution

Secure files at multiple levels: by user, file type, user role, project, file attribute, and more


Automatic retention of document and drawing versions and their associated markups and control over who can view/download/print


Access to files without needing special client software, VPNs, or network user accounts for third parties


Prevent unsecure, size restricted files from being sent as email attachments


Synchronize external files sent/received to/from third parties with internal (network) files


Audit tracking/reporting of file viewing, movements, printing, and revisions

Getting documents and drawings to users today is more than just attaching electronic files to emails.  With ImageSite Engineering Documentation Control it’s about making sure the files are totally secure, access is provided to only the appropriate users, and users can easily view the files.  Security includes robust audit capability and the capacity to quickly identify when files are compromised.

Collaboration with ImageSite adds another important element to document distribution, providing the ability to let a number of individuals review, markup, and mutually discuss the documents/drawings, all at the same time.  Adding pictures and video along with documents and drawings enhances the quality of the discussion and the decision-making process.  If working with vendors or contractors, getting them the correct files and knowing they are secure is more essential than ever.




eQuorum’s comprehensive, yet easy-to-use Engineering Document Management Software provides the solution to manage data - from design through manufacturing and production, to sales, support, and administration.