Document Management in the Public Sector

Public sector organizations face unique challenges when compared to private sector companies. As a government agency, your organization aims to provide valuable services for the community in a way that aligns with economic goals and meets the rigorous compliance requirements put in place by lawmakers and other regulatory bodies. Additionally, public sector companies are typically held to a higher standard, often required to meet standards outlined by organizations such as NIST, GSA, and DFARS (depending on what the organization does).

The role of document management in the public sector is critical in that a document management system helps to ensure the success of many of their initiatives, as they are designed to improve critical factors such as security, compliance, workflow, and approvals. Projects must be completed with speed, integrity, and the best interest and safety of the public’s information in mind, and therefore many of these organizations are adopting technology to secure and manage their engineering-related documents. ImageSite is a full-fledged engineering document management system, designed to help public sector organizations manage their facilities, defense projects, and construction projects by providing them with complete control over their files, documents, and workflows.

CAD File Reviews and Automation

Government agencies can utilize automation when creating complex engineering, facility management, or construction workflows. While some document management systems include pseudo-automation capabilities, ImageSite and Engine-Box (the Cloud version of ImageSite) enable these organizations includes workflow automation to eliminate menial tasks from their employee workload. This not only alleviates challenges for employees but also enables them to work more quickly, ensuring they meet project deadlines.

Unlike generic document management systems, eQuorum allows administrators to define engineering change order workflows, accommodating CAD files, and other vital engineering-related file types. While many systems claim to support the file types engineers need, many of these systems are limited to common file types such as PDFs. Conversely, ImageSite and Engine-Box do not only support CAD files, but also allow users to upload XREFs, and include Title Block integration, making it easy to transfer and index CAD files into the system. Furthermore, the systems integrate with leading CAD software such as AutoCAD, allowing users to check documents out/in of the system to make changes during the review process.

Indexing and Document Retention

Engine-Box’s concurrent user subscription comes standard with 100GB of storage per subscription, meaning there is plenty of room to store and secure files and documents. Additionally, since it’s a Cloud-based system, it's highly scalable – perfect for organizations anticipating rapid growth. Both ImageSite and Engine-Box come equipped with full-text search and advanced search filters, allowing users to easily locate and track files within the system. Using automated attribute propagation, the system automatically populates a document’s metadata fields, contingent on variables such as the project or folder in which they are located, which can later be used for searching and filing.

Using retention schedules built to suit the industry and the organization, documents can be associated with retention programs based on aging, status, version, ownership, and other metadata fields. Documents can be automatically assigned into a retention program based on numerous variables and can even be automatically archived.


A document management system helps companies manage their files, documents, and workflows efficiently and productively while helping them maintain compliance with the stringent standards outlined by both regulatory and non-regulatory entities. If your organization is undergoing large construction projects, engineering endeavors, or just maintaining control of facility maintenance, ImageSite is the solution for you. If your organization doesn’t want to manage its own IT infrastructure, our Cloud solution (Engine-Box) may be better suited for your organization.

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