eQuorum White Papers

eQuorum White Papers

How to Select a Document Management System

A document management system provides significant benefits in document organization, security, search, version control, view, print and convenient access for users throughout an organization

Managing Technical Workflows in Real-Time

Technical workflows need to incorporate information and input from other areas of the organization that are part of the product life cycle

Version Control: What's Old Is New

Version control is neither a new concept nor new software functionality. The explosion in content of all types, including email, text, and web communications, however, is putting more importance on this standard capability

The Three Most Important Features of a Document Management System

Document management systems provide many benefits to organizations, but perhaps the most important in today’s world of exploding data is the improvement in file security

PLM Lite: What Is It and Is It Right for You

As companies grow, their ability to utilize and pay for sophisticated and integrated systems grows. For product development and manufacturing there are software products to assist organizations in becoming more productive, ensuring the latest versions are used.

Using the Cloud for Document Distribution to Third Parties

The cloud is an excellent place for companies to improve their drawing distribution and collaboration of documents. Though some resistance to fully integrated, cloud-based storage still remains, controlled by secure document management can reduce the risks

Robotic Process Automation: The Future of Engineering Document Management

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has made its way into EDMS and BIM software. RPA automates repetitive tasks for improvements in productivity and collaboration

Small to Medium Sized Businesses: Why It's Time for a Formal Document Management System

As companies expand, their information base also increases. With expansion comes the growing need for greater information security, faster workflow and improved productivity

To the Cloud or Not to the Cloud

Moving to a cloud document management solution is not a straight-forward decision, there are benefits and disadvantages. We look at the current state of document management and the process of moving to the cloud

What is Document Management and Are CAD Files Included?

CAD files are proprietary files with complex relationships that make managing files much more difficult but a document management system that can manage these files can save on expensive CAD licenses

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