Security and Access Control

Security and Access Control

Document Management System Security

Document management systems provide many benefits to organizations, but perhaps the most important in today’s world of exploding data is the improvement in document security. IT departments are looking for better ways to safekeep important files, especially with increasing mobile access.

The use of tablets and smartphones has exploded, and employees expect to be able to use these devices to connect and work with their daily applications and associated files, just as they would at their desk. Installing a mobile accessible content management system provides immediate access to legacy files and systems and can ensure the security organizations desire.

Web-based systems, like ImageSite and Engine-Box (ImageSite in the cloud), secure the files at the source, stopping inappropriate actions. Updates to the system occur once, on the content management system server, extending out to all accessing devices.

What is Access Control?

In today’s environment with hackers and phishers constantly trying to get access to company and personal systems and files, organizations need multiple weapons to ensure the integrity and safety of their important files and intellectual property. ImageSite is designed to give companies complete that control over file access and security.

Access Control methodologies and functionality are a way to ensure users are valid and are authorized to have access to the files and documents they need for their role. In short, Access Control prevents unauthorized users from accessing your company’s IP (intellectual property) or confidential files. Access control comes in many forms; however, it consists primarily of two components: authentication and authorization.

System Access Control (Authentication)

Authentication is a way to prove an assertion, such as the identity of an individual user. Authentication comes in many forms and typically consists of login credentials such as a user ID and password. While this is the most common way to enforce authorized access, there are additional measures that can be taken to strengthen the security capabilities of a system.

ImageSite gives system administrators an advantage over security by giving them the ability to track failed login attempts and the IP addresses associated with them. If there is clear evidence of suspicious activity, the system will automatically block the unauthorized user’s IP address. With the IP Address Whitelist, you can ensure that the system doesn’t restrict access from your company’s own IP address or subnet.

Security Profiles (Authorization)

The best way to ensure proper authorization is through the creation of comprehensive security profiles. Security profiles are sets of restrictions that determine the rights users or groups of users have regarding files, folders, and functionality. These profiles can be created at the global or project level, giving admins full control over which files can be viewed, downloaded, modified, or distributed.

Since no two job functions are alike, ImageSite gives companies the ability to control functionality at the user, file, and file metadata level, making it easy to manage specific projects, files, or documents. Users only see what they have permission to see, making ImageSite the perfect system for communication, collaboration, and file distribution with outside vendors, subcontractors or customers.



Control functionality, download, and revision capabilities of users and specific files


Document security at the group, user, file, and file metadata level


Meet NIST 800-53 requirements and ITAR 22CFR Part 120-130 guidelines by never downloading a file for viewing or printing


Control max login attempts and IP timeout minutes


Encrypt files downloaded and stored off-line on mobile devices


Distribute documents (or links to documents) to third parties without using unsecured, size-restricted email attachments


Configure IP blocking rules and restrict uploads by blocking files with certain extensions


Provides two-factor authentication for new user self-setup.


eQuorum specializes in engineering workflow and document management. Our comprehensive, yet easy-to-use software provides the solution to manage data from design to manufacturing and production, to sales, support and administration.

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