ImageSite Engineering Change Order Software improves engineering design workflow efficiency, accuracy, and management by reducing or eliminating the errors and timesinks created by changes in design and materials. In industries such as manufacturing, you need a complete account of all changes. Having this information readily available can increase productivity as well as adress any problems along the way   



Enables authorized parties to submit engineering change requests and correct design errors


Routing to appropriate decisions makers for approval can assist in improving quality control and authorize engineering design changes that might change the structure of the product or project


Appropriate notifications through internal messages and emails when tasks are assigned, approvals are needed, or steps fall behind schedule


Organizations can classify revisions as “major” or “minor” and determine who can access and edit the documents at any point in the lifecycle


Flexible workflow design to accommodate each organizations own engineering change management processes

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The great thing about being an engineer is the continuous quest for precision and accuracy, for the answer to an everyday life question or for a finite element analysis. eQuorum started as an engineering company 20 years ago, and to some extent we still are. At least half the staff are either engineers by background or have experience in related fields like architecture. 

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Document Management System

A document management system provides significant benefits in document organization, security, search, version control, view, print and convenient access for users throughout an organization. Once users find documents, they perform the work they do with those documents, often in traditional ways established over many years by their organizations.


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eQuorum’s comprehensive, yet easy-to-use Engineering Document Management Software provides the solution to manage data - from design through manufacturing and production, to sales, support, and administration.