Architecture, Engineering and Construction

 Architecture, Engineering and Construction


Drawing Management

Find, manage, and share engineering, CAD and business documents through the lifecycle


Automate simple or complex engineering change management or business processes


Create, send, and track transmittals easy and fast, and reduce the chance of errors


Communicate and share critical documents and engineering design files, in real-time

Engineering Document Management

The volume, size and complexity of the files created in AEC organizations presents challenges around searching and finding documents. In addition, AEC organizations often are faced with challenges around security, retention and workflow. ImageSite Workflow and Document Management delivers a secure repository, integrating the leading AEC CAD formats (AutoCAD, MicroStation and Revit) with title block integration, automatic reference file detection, integrated viewing and mark-ups.

Engineering Change Management

Changes required during later phases of the design process greatly impact project costs and schedules. AECs need a rigorous engineering change management process to keep projects on track. ImageSite automates revisions to existing documents, and ImageSite’s document life cycle and workflows can be configured as an Engineering Change Request (ECR) solution. Organizations can also classify revisions as “major” or “minor” and determine who can access and edit the documents at any point in the life cycle for project management.

Engineering Transmittals

Virtually all AEC organizations use formal engineering transmittal procedures. Document transfer activities within these organizations can impact a project’s outcome – including contracts and budgets. Organizations often require a complete audit trail of work being performed between all the associated parties. ImageSite Engineering Document Management Software performs transmittals in a closed loop process, delivering confirmation of recipient and an integrated review and subsequent action process.