Cloud Synching and Sharing

Access files and documents across multiple locations



Cloud Synching and Sharing

Access files and documents across multiple locations


Cloud Synching and Sharing

Access files and documents across multiple locations

What is Cloud Synching and Sharing?

Cloud synching enables owners to keep files in multiple locations up to date via the Cloud. Cloud file synching makes it easy for organizations to access files and documents across multiple locations, helping companies manage remote workforces and communications with third-party vendors and contractors.

Benefits of Cloud Synching

Engine-Box is our Cloud-based version of ImageSite.  No software or mobile apps required, simply use the browser on your PC, tablet, laptop, or smartphone.  All communications are encrypted to secure file image sharing and downloads. Synching is automatic for files so designated; simply drop a file in the applicable folder and it’s synched to other permissioned locations, either with or without actual file transfer. (So, large files can remain in the local storage but still be visible to users in other locations.)

Cloud synching and sharing promotes project collaboration, letting users in different departments and different locations access files simultaneously (real-time collaboration) with the assurance all parties are using the most current files.  For companies without a wide area network (WAN), synching makes the distribution and sharing of files easy between separate divisions, departments, and locations.

Control Frequency of System Synching

Depending on factors such as network bandwidth and IT scheduling priorities, the frequency in which documents and folders are synched can be adjusted appropriately.   This allows for large file synching during periods of low bandwidth usage.

Continuous Synching

Continuous synching enables organizations to immediately synch files to remote ImageSite servers, ensuring all files are up-to date across locations.

Scheduled Synching

Scheduled synching ensures files are synched based on the time of day, week, or month, allowing for efficient use of network bandwidth within IT scheduling priorities.

On-demand Synching

On-demand synching is the most efficient means of folder and file movement across ImageSite servers, as synching only occurs when owners want to synch the folders and files. (Files that have been updated, but not yet synched, are so indicated using a file icon color code.)

Access Across Locations

Engine-Box is a perfect solution for organizations managing document-centric communications across multiple locations.  A Cloud document management solutions benefits companies who require frequent communication between downstream vendors and contractors and those who are managing a remote workforce.  It also helps organizations who need to control workflows across various office locations.

Mobile Access Without a Permissioned Network

Cloud synching enables companies to manage document-centric communications (including critical review and approval workflows) across teams and departments without needing access to a permissioned network.  Engine-Box includes security and access control functionality, backed by commercial-grade security (provided by AWS) to ensure company intellectual property (IP) is safe and secure throughout each process while allowing users to access documents without needing a VPN connection.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Ransomware and hacking events have become a more frequent occurrence and can cause major disruption to an organization’s operations.  Add in the occasional IT equipment and network failures and more than frequent user mistakes (e.g., deleting important files, opening phishing emails, saving files to incorrect locations) and having a backup copy of your files can be a lifesaver.

Using ImageSite’s synching capabilities, a copy of user files can be immediately saved to a Cloud location, including all back versions.  Regaining access to files is a simple process of resynching from the Cloud.  For significant events, restoring from the Cloud can keep a business up and running and minimize disruptions and security concerns.

Let multiple locations, departments, divisions maintain files locally while having global access to remote server documents
Create a collaboration site allowing secure access to files without opening up your network
Provide mobile device access without permissioning into your network
Cloud syncing can assist in securing file access outside your network for vendors/contractors/customers
Install in your company's DMZ, on a private cloud, or use eQuorum’s
Establish an archive or disaster recover site that is automatically synced


We specialize in engineering workflow and document management. Our comprehensive, yet easy-to-use software provides the solution to manage data from design to manufacturing and production, to sales, support and administration.

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