Document Distribution

Document Distribution

What is Document Distribution?

Electronic document distribution is the process of sending documents to customers, vendors, contractors, and internal collaborators via an automated document management system. Digital document distribution helps organizations distribute digital file types in a way that is organized and easily tracked by system administrators and stakeholders. Additionally, a document management system ensures all document-centric communications are secure and meet compliance requirements.


Document Distribution Software

Getting documents and drawings to users today is more than just attaching electronic files to emails. With ImageSite (eQuorum’s engineering document control system) or Engine-Box (the Cloud version of ImageSite), it's about making sure the files are totally secure, access is provided only to the appropriate users, and users can easily view the files.

Collaboration within ImageSite adds another critical element to document distribution, providing the ability to allow multiple individuals to review, mark up, and mutually discuss the documents/drawings simultaneously. Adding video, pictures and audio in conjunction with documents/drawings enhances the quality of the discussion and the decision-making process. If an organization is working with vendors or contractors, getting them the correct files and letting them markup and comment on the files in a secure environment improves communications and the velocity of the workflows.


Complete Visibility of Document Distribution

The system's security capabilities include robust audit capability and the ability to rapidly identify compromised files. System administrators can use these audit trails to further secure files by adjusting security profiles, as needed, and taking the proper actions to ensure nefarious users are held accountable for mishandled or stolen intellectual property (IP).

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Save Time and Money with Efficiency

ImageSite and Engine-Box provide organizations with an efficient way to locate and distribute documents to the groups or users that need them. Using full-text search and automated version control, locating the most current version of a file or document is easy, and saving workers hours each day. Saving time helps companies cut back on labor costs, and ultimately improves their bottom line by promoting efficiency and productivity in the workplace.


Maintain Secure Communications

No longer do organizations need to use unsecured email attachments to distribute their sensitive company documents. Instead, companies have the option of managing all their communications within a controlled management system, ensuring files and documents never leave the secure environment. ImageSite ensures your company documents never fall into the wrong hands and remain protected against cyberattacks, such as ransomware attacks.

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History of All File Movements

More and more, knowing who, when, and where files were sent and having an official record is important for audit purposes and regulatory compliance. System administrators can easily review the history of file movements to prove distribution, to ensure files meet deadlines, and to analyze processes to improve when and how files are distributed. Audit trails are also useful in responding to claims by vendors and customers of late or incorrect file submissions, as well as responding to e-discovery requests.

Secure files at multiple levels: by user, file type, user role, project, file attribute, and more
Automatic retention of document and drawing versions and their associated markups and control over who can view/download/print
Access to files without needing special client software, VPNs, or network user accounts for third parties
Prevent unsecure, size restricted files from being sent as email attachments
Synchronize external files sent/received to/from third parties with internal (network) files
Audit tracking/reporting of file viewing, movements, printing, and revisions.

eQuorum specializes in engineering workflow and document management. Our comprehensive, yet easy-to-use software provides the solution to manage data from design to manufacturing and production, to sales, support and administration.

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