Integrated Notifications

ImageSite and Engine-Box (the Cloud version of ImageSite) notify users and outside third-parties with either emails or internal notifications, or both. Identify when document revisions are done, when documents have been viewed or printed or when workflow assignments need to be completed or are completed. Integrate with the Transmittal module to be alerted about acknowledgements or vendor submittals.


Notification Templates

ImageSite provides a list of custom variables that can be used for creating notification templates. These variables can apply to markup events, workflow notifications, lifecycle notifications, login activity, and more. Notification templates allow you to create a message that is clearly and easily interpreted by the recipient. Organizations can add logos, colors, and other branding to their messages using simple HTML templates.


Event Monitors

In ImageSite and Engine-Box, Event Monitors are processes that watch for certain activities and send notifications to users when actions occur. Event monitors are great ways to keep track of projects, monitor user actions, and detect irregular or suspicious activity occurring within the system. Both administrators and standard ImageSite users can create event monitors and decide who receives notifications.


Email Notifications (External)

Depending on the system's configuration, Event Monitors and other system activities can be used to trigger an email directly to other users’ email inbox. Email notification is a powerful option for companies working with external collaborators that they do not want to have direct access to their system. Additionally, it enables those who are not currently logged into ImageSite to view notifications via their smartphone, tablet, or laptop (assuming they have some connection to the Internet). Notifications can be configured to be sent immediately, based on a schedule, or in a consolidated digest form, preventing users from being bombarded with emails throughout the day.


Dashboard Notifications (Internal)

ImageSite and Engine-Box give users the option to include a “My Notifications” widget in their dashboard. The Dashboard screen displays messages for configurable actions such as events (through Event Monitors), workflows, and lifecycles. When using the My Notifications widget, messages can still be sent via email, if needed.


Module Notifications

Notifications can be employed in RFIs/Submittals, Workflows, Transmittals, and more. Notifications help workers track progress, let users know of approved tasks/documents, monitor other users and deadlines, and maintain complete visibility over what is happening within the system. For example, the ‘Workflow Issues Waiting Approval’ notifications mean the user is now an active participant of the workflow and the current step requires approval before a document or task can advance in the workflow.

Receive email notifications of changes to documents or folders important to you
Use notifications to manage the progress of workflows and alert users when assignments are overdue
Alerts notify users about new workflow tasks or changes made to current tasks
Track document use of downloaded files outside the corporate network

Set parameters to be alerted when secure documents are opened, emailed, or printed by unauthorized users, anywhere in the world.


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