Engineering Transmittal Database

Engineering Transmittal Database

What Are Engineering Transmittals?

An engineering transmittal database is a tool used by engineering and construction companies to transfer a large number of documents internally, or to third parties. Transmittals are like digital packing slips for a collection of documents passed between hands. They typically contain valuable project-specific information that helps assist the recipient in processing the documents.


What Is ImageSite’s Transmittals Module?

ImageSite, our engineering transmittal database module, automates the creation, tracking, and reporting of formal transmittal packages for vendors, contractors, and other third parties. It lets you easily set up transmittal cover sheets with associated technical files, and is a closed-loop process that tracks acknowledgment and changes by recipients, including an integrated review and approval action process.

Our engineering transmittal database module makes it easy to send transmittals using the documents residing in the EDMS, eliminating the need to download files and documents from the system before sending them to third parties. Simply select and incorporate drawings, specifications, contracts, and other project-specific files in a simple package that can be delivered by email or other offline means.

Creating transmittals is an intuitive process, as many of the transmittal fields have dropdown arrows ensure consistent tagging in searches. Users can even create transmittal templates, which can be used over and over again for similar processes or similar vendors/customers. Better yet, if you don’t want to create a new transmittal name each time, the system will automatically generate a unique name for easy and organized searching.

Transmittals are associated to specific versions of documents and drawings, and are locked from being deleted while an associated transmittal remains in the system. This ensures complete and accurate audit trails for specific transmittals. The system also tracks updated transmittals as new file versions are delivered to vendors/customers.


Engineering Transmittal Database Fields

Transmittals provide project-related information, to describe the contents of the transmittal. To avoid the need for further clarification, the information in the transmittal should be as detailed as possible. In ImageSite, transmittals include details such as:

• Transmittal Name
• Project Name
• Due Date
• Create Date
• Email Subject Line
• Comments/Remarks
• Recipient Details
• Sender Details
• Transmittal Contents
• Associated Documents
• Transmittal Status.

In addition to standard fields, transmittals can include custom fields that contain important status or project information such as project name, vendor/customer name, and package identification.


Transmittal Cover Sheet Templates

Transmittal cover sheets are built using a Microsoft Word add-in. Users can employ the default template and revise it as needed. They can include almost any text, pictures, images and their company logo in the transmittal cover sheet template, using any layout they choose. eQuorum’s Customer Support team is available to assist you in creating XML tags and binding the tags to ImageSite field names.


Transmittal via Email

The transmittal module allows organizations to email transmittals, if they would like, and includes From, To, CC, and BCC fields just like your email client. The module allows users to select contacts from ImageSite’s directory, and even use users, groups, or contacts that are not system users. Users can require contacts that are sent a transmittal via email to confirm a receipt of the email, which is recorded and tracked within the system. Any confirmations or other communications related to the transmittal can also be sent to internal transmittal contacts to notify them of the receipt, acknowledgement, and approval.


Benefits of an Engineering Transmittal Database

Transmittals provide organizations with a faster way to transmit documents from one party to another, making communication with vendors, fabricators, and downstream contractors simple and intuitive, while keeping an audit trail of communications with third parties. They help companies manage this communication in an organized manner that can be easily tracked by internal document management system administrators, ensuring that each file is going where it needs to go.


Easy to use vendor-oriented document transmittal capability


Quickly and easily find specific documents and associate them with a transmittal cover sheet


Transmit documents in a variety of ways such as email or standard web links


Save document transmittal files in separate directories, as PDFs in a set, or in one consolidated project


Set notifications for outstanding acknowledgements and approvals


Access for vendors without providing them with VPN access to your internal network.


eQuorum specializes in engineering workflow and document management. Our comprehensive, yet easy-to-use software provides the solution to manage data from design to manufacturing and production, to sales, support and administration.

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