Mobile Data Management

Mobile Data Management

What is Mobile Data Management?

Mobile data management is the process of storing, securing, and retrieving data via mobile device(s). Accessing and storing data on mobile devices allows workers to have critical information from any stored location with peace of mind knowing their files are secure.


Mobile Data (Document) Management Software

Because ImageSite is built using HTML5 its mobile user interface is an extension of eQuorum’s robust workflow and document management system. Users can access critical documents using any mobile device, including iPads, Android tablets, Windows devices, and smartphones. Unlike other document management systems, ImageSite was built in HTML5, meaning there’s no need to download Java or any mobile applications from iTunes or Google Play. Users simply access the system using their preferred web browser on their device.

ImageSite is designed to allow authorized users secure access to engineering drawings and documents while in the field (e.g., at the construction site), on the shop floor, or while traveling. Now employees can find, view, update, markup, and upload any files they need, including video, photos, or audio files taken in the field. It’s also the perfect collaboration tool for third parties such as vendors and contractors.


Managing Mobile Documents Offline

Users may encounter situations where there is less than desirable, or even no, Internet access; however, ImageSite still lets users carry the files they need to these sites. ImageSite’s mobile document management interface allows users to download documents and drawings so they can be viewed in a secure, offline mode. These "offline" documents are not file downloads, but images of the documents that are securely maintained on the device and easily removed by an admin. Offline fields can still be marked up and once reconnected to the Internet automatically update the system files.


No Mobile Applications

Since the system is an HTML5-based, Java-less solution, organizations can implement the system at a relatively low cost while eliminating the burden of installation for their IT department. Since the system is accessible from the users’ browser, there are no storage requirements for local devices, and users can access the system, regardless of which device they are using. System administrators can configure IP blocking rules, multifactor authentication, and time-based login restrictions to ensure only authorized users can access company documents from mobile devices.

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Streamlined Communications

Contractors can quickly and easily communicate changes or request information upstream using the system’s markups capabilities and RFI/Submittals module. The markup tool and RFI/Submittals module are specifically designed to communicate changes to files or documents, or to request clarification of a specification.

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SSL connections between the device and ImageSite


Touch images to select and pinch-push to zoom


Permission based access by ImageSite based on file, file type, user, user group, etc.


Download documents and drawings for offline viewing, without an app


View, pan and zoom CAD drawing files without needing CAD software


Multi-page scrolling in any direction


Permission based restrictions to functionality, including downloading, copy/paste, printing and emailing


One step de-permissioning of access when an employee leaves the organization or a device has been compromised.


eQuorum specializes in engineering workflow and document management. Our comprehensive, yet easy-to-use software provides the solution to manage data from design to manufacturing and production, to sales, support and administration.

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