Product Lifecycle Management

Gather product data and production requirements in a central place



Product Lifecycle Management

Gather product data and production requirements in a central place


Project Lifecycle Management

Gather product data and production requirements in a central place

Product Lifecycle Management

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) can be associated with documents, drawings, or changes in workflow steps to ensure appropriate actions are identified and approved during the lifetime of an object.  Documents and drawings associated with products and processes can be managed throughout their lifecycle based on their state, from original design, to revision, QA, release, obsolescence, and archival or deletion.


What is Product Lifecycle Management Software?

Product Lifecycle Management software enables organizations to manage multidisciplinary teams and collaborate with third parties, by providing a single source of truth for your product data and company documents.  A PLM solution provides product lifecycle continuity and lets your organizations store contextualized product data that is accessible to permissioned users.

Product Lifecycle Management systems have been developed to enable entire organizations to gather product data and production support requirements in a central place, while providing the byproduct of easier and faster collaboration. The size of many enterprise PLM systems, however, may not be appropriate for small and medium-size businesses using PLM software for the first time.


What is PLM Lite?

A PLM Lite solution is an entry-level, quick install, and fast payback approach to product lifecycle management. It permits organizations to inexpensively implement the elements of an integrated product and production management system and provides many of the features found in a full-fledged PLM. The core functionality of PLM Lite software includes:

  • CAD Drawing Management
  • Image Visualization
  • Content and Document Management
  • Document Retention and Archiving
  • Workflow Management and Automation
  • Change Management
  • Audit Control
  • Information Security.

Small to medium-sized companies may find it difficult to afford the various modules resident in large enterprise PLM systems, which is why eQuorum offers a PLM Lite solution to mitigate the cost of implementation and system integration.


PLM Lite and Collaboration

The system helps companies gain insight into product data, ensuring associated information is kept in a central location, where workers can easily find and retrieve relevant documents and product data. ImageSite and Engine-Box (the Cloud version of ImageSite) make document collaboration easy, as there are numerous ways internal users and partner organizations can connect and collaborate within the system.

The system is accessible on mobile devices, providing organizations with access to product lifecycle data from virtually any location. This includes smartphones, tablets, or laptops, which can be used from any location, including the production floor.



Establish criteria for triggering document/ drawing state changes
Launch actions based on version, time, or field-specific changes throughout the document/drawing life cycle
Advanced revisioning with major and minor versions and preset locations
Move files to applicable folders or projects based on retention and archival schedules
Advanced revisioning with major and minor versions and preset locations.

The eQuorum Customer Promise


In 2005, eQuorum developed the first all browser-based EDMS. The system, although for on-premise use, was still created to remove client software and JAVA from user computers and allow users to have a single viewer based on the simple navigation functionality of browsers. Today, eQuorum provides that same application in a private Cloud or a SaaS Cloud option.  We can do this because we are, and have always been, browser-based, understanding the enhanced speed, security, and usability of this technology.

With the abundance of document management systems on the market today, there’s no doubt that choosing the right Cloud document management software can be a difficult decision. eQuorum is here to provide a comprehensive, powerful, and most importantly – affordable Cloud document management solution. We believe in providing real value to our customers by eliminating unnecessary costs, providing industry-leading functionality, and equipping your team with the right tools using cutting edge technology to bring your products to market faster.

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