Security & Access Control

Ensure the integrity and safety of your intellectual property


Security and Access Control

Ensure the integrity and safety of your intellectual property


Security and Access Control

Ensure the integrity and safety of your intellectual property

Engineering Document Management Systems Increase Security

Engineering document management software provides many benefits to organizations, but the most important benefit is it improves  the process of how documents, files and data are used, shared and secured.

Today employees expect to use tablets and smartphones to connect with the same applications and associated files, that are available on their desktop. Implementing a web-based document management system can provide teams with immediate access to the files, and documents they need, no matter their location. Providing mobile access to files helps to improve team productivity and to enable teams to collaborate more effectively.  The increasing need for mobile access, plus the rising activity in cyberattacks, have encouraged companies to look for better ways to strengthen their systems security strategy.


Our web-based engineering document management software systems, can increase your system and file security.

Implementing ImageSite or Engine-Box will help to:

  • Ensure the integrity and safety of your intellectual property
  • Strengthen your security capabilities through authentication
  • Establish proper authorization for access to your important files and documents
  • Ensure employees have the least amount of access their responsibilities require.


I. Ensure the Integrity and Safety of Intellectual Property

In today’s environment, with hackers and phishers constantly trying to get access to company and personal systems and files, organizations need multiple weapons to ensure the integrity and safety of their important files and intellectual property. ImageSite is designed to give companies complete control over their files, data and documents while providing appropriate access and security.


What is Access Control?

Access Control methodologies and functionality are a way to ensure users are valid and are authorized to have access only to the files and documents they need for their role. In short, Access Control prevents unauthorized users from accessing your intellectual property. Access control comes in many forms; however, it consists primarily of two components: authentication and authorization


II. Strengthen Your Security Capabilities Through Authentication

The most common way to strengthen the security capabilities of the organization is to enforce authorized access through authentication.  Authentication is a way to prove an assertion, such as the identity of an individual user. Authentication comes in several forms and typically consists of login credentials such as a user ID and password.

ImageSite gives system administrators an advantage over security by giving them the ability to track failed login attempts and the IP addresses associated with them. If there is clear evidence of suspicious activity, the system will automatically block the unauthorized user’s IP address. With the IP Address Whitelist, you can ensure that the system doesn’t restrict access from your company’s own IP address or subnet. Additionally, for a greater degree of authentication the system offers several methods of multi-factor authentication, using email or SMS tokens or time-based one-time passwords.

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III. Establish Proper Authorization For Access to Important Files and Documents

Authorization is the process of giving user permission to access system resources and set privileges.  ImageSite, our engineering document management software, gives companies the ability to control user permissions and their rights to files, and file metadata. Adopting an authorization process, makes it easier to manage confidential data and to share files and documents between internal and external partners.

The best way to establish proper authorization is through the creation of comprehensive security profiles. Security profiles are sets of restrictions that determine the rights of users or groups of users regarding files, folders, and functionality. These profiles can be created at the global or project level, giving admins full control over which files can be viewed, downloaded, modified, or distributed.




Control functionality, download, and revision capabilities of users and specific files


Document security at the group, user, file, and file metadata level


Meet NIST 800-53 requirements and ITAR 22CFR Part 120-130 guidelines by never downloading a file for viewing or printing


Control max login attempts and IP timeout minutes


Encrypt files downloaded and stored off-line on mobile devices


Distribute documents (or links to documents) to third parties without using unsecured, size-restricted email attachments


Configure IP blocking rules and restrict uploads by blocking files with certain extensions


Provides two-factor authentication for new user self-setup.

The eQuorum Customer Promise


In 2005, eQuorum developed the first all browser-based EDMS. The system, although for on-premise use, was still created to remove client software and JAVA from user computers and allow users to have a single viewer based on the simple navigation functionality of browsers. Today, eQuorum provides that same application in a private Cloud or a SaaS Cloud option.  We can do this because we are, and have always been, browser-based, understanding the enhanced speed, security, and usability of this technology.

With the abundance of document management systems on the market today, there’s no doubt that choosing the right Cloud document management software can be a difficult decision. eQuorum is here to provide a comprehensive, powerful, and most importantly – affordable Cloud document management solution. We believe in providing real value to our customers by eliminating unnecessary costs, providing industry-leading functionality, and equipping your team with the right tools using cutting edge technology to bring your products to market faster.

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