Engineering Document Management Solution for Government

Facilities Document

Automatically manage older versions of documents and eliminate fears of working with incorrect versions


Engineering Transmittals

Create transmittals in a closed loop process that delivers confirmation of recipient and integrated review of actions processed

Permit Approvals

Easy-to-use vendor-oriented document submittal capability. Automate a wide variety of review and approval processes and deliver

Distribution and Collaboration

Manage projects, share and edit files, post comments, assign tasks and track team activity in a secure, shared environment, from anywhere


As “Owner” organizations, government agencies use building floor plans, equipment information and other infrastructure documents in the ongoing maintenance of their facilities, including space planning utilization and renovations. Making these documents easily available to everyone who needs them is a big challenge for most government facilities departments. In addition, government agencies often outsource their design and construction projects to external AEC vendors. As such, these agencies need an easy and secure way to review and approve work performed by external contractors.

document management solution

Provide outside vendors with access to drawings through web-based and mobile functionality


Determine security parameters to allow approved users to view, edit, and/or collaborate with important intellectual property


Easy searching capabilities to find government documents by project, location, plan identifiers, vendors, equipment or part numbers, etc.


Bundle data and design documents into work order packages that can be routed for review and approval, processing, and change requests

Many government organizations use formal engineering transmittal procedures. In many cases, those procedures are paper based. Document transfer activities within these organizations can impact a project’s outcome – including contracts and budgets. As a result, organizations often require a complete audit trail of work being performed between all the associated parties.

ImageSite can be configured to create transmittals in a closed loop process, that delivers confirmation of recipient and an integrated review and subsequent action process. This improves organizational work process efficiencies by saving time and money and reducing errors.

document management solution

Quickly and easily find specific documents for transmittals


Create transmittal letters with references to associated documents


Transmit government documents in a variety of ways, including email transmission or posting entire transmittals with email notification to recipient users


Set up notification schedules to ensure timely acknowledgements


The city of Phoenix Water Services Department has successfully used ImageSite for our drawing management needs for the past 15 years. The program has allowed the department to securely manage, organize and store our critical infrastructure drawings while providing user friendly navigation tools and the flexibility to access specific historic and current documents.

Kirsten Verbus

Principal Engineering Technician, City of Phoenix Water Department

Construction projects for city and local governments require detailed permit approvals – often by multiple departments within these agencies. ImageSite offers an easy-to-use vendor-oriented document submittal capability. The configurable schedule-driven workflows automate a wide variety of review and approval processes. With ImageSite, users can automatically manage older versions of documents and allay fears of working with incorrect, outdated versions. At the same time, ImageSite improves inefficient workflows and ensures important work processes are completed and reported on.

document management solution

Determine security parameters to allow the right users to view, edit, and/or collaborate with important intellectual property


Provide outside vendors with access to key files through web-based and mobile functionality


Store multiple copies of documents and use version control features to know if they are accessing the right version


Organize storage systems to make it easy to know where to put new documents and find existing documents

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