On-Premise Solution

For Manufacturing; Architects, Engineering, and Construction (AEC); and Facilities Management

ImageSite is great with engineering workflows and files like CAD and scanned drawings. At the same time, it handles complex reference file associations, provides integrated viewing and markup capabilities, and directly integrates CAD file properties with ImageSite search. Your business can use ImageSite as a stand-alone “released document management” system or as a highly integrated solution to manage the entire design, release and archive process.

Business Workflow Management

There is more to an engineering workflow and document management system than CAD file administration, but if eQuorum can handle large, complex, version-centric files then it certainly can handle MS Office documents, PDFs, emails, pictures, video, and all other file types. Using ImageSite – Business Management with  Workflow and Life Cycle capabilities empowers organizations to productively manage paper and file based workflows throughout their life cycles, from creation to revision, to approval and action, to archive and destruction. Using ImageSite with our document scanning and full text search capability allows organizations to move from the paper world to the digital world seamlessly.

Mobile Data Management

ImageSite Mobile is eQuorum’s extension of its well-known technical document management software into the mobile world, making an organization’s documents and drawings accessible to anyone with a mobile device, whether an iPad, Android tablet, or other common devices, without needing an app.

The possibilities are numerous, but some common applications for mobile are:


  • View CAD drawings without a CAD license
  • View and collaborate over drawings and documents while away from your desk, whether in the field, in other offices or at customer sites; in real-time (no syncing required)
  • Download documents to take on-the-go, even if you're not connected to a network
  • Mark-up drawings and documents on-the-fly
  • Instant access to important documents and drawings on a highly portable and lightweight device right next to your project



eSync=Site™ is eQuorum’s module for the ImageSite Content Management Suite of products, allowing the synchronization of corporate folders and files across multiple servers and locations, with the security you currently have within ImageSite.

With eSync=Site you can:


  • Provide external users, such as vendors, contractors, and customers, with secure access to important documents without providing access to your network
  • Sync internal and external ImageSite servers for secure, efficient collaboration with vendors, customers and partners, including cloud versions
  • Provide all users with mobile device access without having to allow them into your network or configuring your systems for the multiple types of devices being used by employees
  • Configure a collaboration site in the Cloud allowing secure access to documents by different users and user types in different locations
  • Establish an archive or disaster recovery site (on-premise or in the cloud) that is automatically synced and maintained
  • Allow multiple locations, departments, divisions and even users to maintain files locally while having global access to remote server documents, ensuring documents are up-to-date, regardless of who last checked them out


eQuorum specializes in engineering workflow and document management. Our comprehensive, yet easy-to-use software provides the solution to manage data from design to manufacturing and production, to sales, support and administration.