Scott Brandt, President of eQuorum, was a featured writer in The Imaging Channel October 2017 Issue, The Paperless Office.

The digital transformation is on and it is affecting everyone. For some industries, it has created total disruption (can you say Blockbuster and Kodak?) For others it has been an irritant. But it is gaining momentum. Yet a McKinsey study showed that, on average, industries are currently less than 40 percent digitized. As the digital wave is at least a decade or more old, this is somewhat surprising. Some industries, like automotive, are less than 32 percent digitized. Trying to put percentages on this transition, however, is difficult and made harder in terms of how we define digitization and what areas of a company we are focusing on.

The digital transformation is affecting how we make our products and offer our services, how we market and distribute our products and services, the ecosystems within our organizations, and the processes used throughout the organization and its interfaces as well as the supply chains.