Architecture, Engineering, and Construction

Simplify project collaboration and automate complex workflows.


Architecture, Engineering, and Construction

Simplify project collaboration and automate complex workflows.

Architecture, Engineering, and Construction


Simplify project collaboration and automate complex workflows.

We simplify the way documents are managed.

Discover here why our engineering workflow and document management software is trusted by many AEC industry leaders worldwide.


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Architecture, Engineering and Construction

Simplify worksite procedures with ScanNTap™

Use ScanNTap for rapid access to drawings, specifications, safety information, building codes, contractor certifications, and assignments. Track contractor attendance logs, project equipment and assets, and share project updates and instructions.

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Configuration Management

Create, track and control multiple product and asset configurations throughout the development and lifecycle process.

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Advantages of an Engineering Document Management System (EDMS)

An engineering document management system helps firms manage project files efficiently and supports cross-team collaboration. Engineers can use the Submittal/Transmittal features to simplify the way documents are transferred, while audit trails keep a continuous record of changes as they are made throughout a project. For added efficiency, Version Control automatically updates documents when revisions are made to ensure users are accessing the correct version of a document at any given time.


Engineering document management for AEC

Engineering document management is the process of effectively searching for, finding and managing the complex engineering documents – including CAD files, drawings, designs, technical documents and communication documents – that exist in AEC organizations (Architecture, Engineering & Construction).

Our engineering document management system helps organizations manage engineering document control, document security, file distribution, and collaboration over numerous file types, including CAD files and other engineering-related file types. ImageSite is our CAD document management system for companies that are handling a large volume of drawings and documents and are looking for a better way to manage and automate their engineering workflows. Our software helps AEC companies improve efficiency and collaboration, with features that differ from what you would find in other, less-robust engineering document management software.

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Software Features

Engineering Workflow

Automate simple or complex engineering change management or business processes.

CAD Drawing Management

Find, manage, and share engineering, CAD and business documents through the lifecycle. engineering document management.

Document Collaboration

Communicate and share critical documents and engineering design files, in real-time.

Engineering Transmittal

Create, send, and track transmittals easy and fast, and reduce the chance of errors.


Why AEC firms need an engineering document management system?

The volume, size, and complexity of the files created in AEC organizations presents challenges around searching and finding documents. In addition, AEC organizations often are faced with challenges around security, retention, and workflow. Our EDMS delivers a secure repository, integrating the leading AEC CAD formats (AutoCAD, MicroStation, and Revit) with title block integration, automatic reference file detection, integrated viewing, and mark-ups. The intuitive design of ImageSite makes it easy for engineers to manage workflows and documents in real-time, virtually eliminating all bottlenecks in your company's workflows. Version control automatically updates file versions when changes have been made to project files. Digital signatures and audit trails ensure your workflows and files are approved to reduce and prevent unauthorized activity. 

Engineering change management

Changes required during later phases of the design process greatly impact project costs and schedules. AECs need a rigorous engineering change management process to keep projects on track. Our EDMS automates revisions to existing documents, and document life cycle and workflows can be configured as an Engineering Change Request (ECR) solution.


Engineering transmittal

Virtually all AEC organizations use formal engineering transmittal procedures. Document transfer activities within these organizations can impact a project’s outcome – including contracts and budgets. Organizations often require a complete audit trail of work being performed between all the associated parties. ImageSite, our engineering document management system is also an engineering transmittal database that performs transmittals in a closed-loop process, delivering confirmation of recipient and an integrated review and subsequent action process.

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Engineering document control

Our engineering document management software allows system administrators to restrict access to files and documents at the group, project, file, user, or file metadata level, ensuring your organization is following best practices for file management as outlined in NIST SP 800-171. This principle is known as “least privilege” and is accepted by both engineering document management providers and non-governmental organizations as the best way to prevent unauthorized access. Our engineering document management software ensures files and documents are managed in compliance with all 14 security categories specified in NIST SP 800-171.

ImageSite, our engineering document control system, provides an extensive set of engineering document control capabilities, including audit trails of all actions taken within the system with an easy-to-use interface for all types of users. Engineering document controllers can review audit trails at any point in time to keep track of where documents are going, and to ensure the highest level of security against employee mistakes and external bad actors.

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Speedy time-to-market and increased return of investment

Engineering firms and construction companies are elevating productivity by implementing leading engineering document management software. Sharing and accessing information using a single document repository ensures engineers have a united understanding of project details, documents/drawings, and the status of their engineering workflows. Organizations can leverage engineering document management software to manage document-centric communications, including transmittals, RFIs (Requests for Information), CAD files, specifications, and more.

Every day, companies face challenges around engineering document management and supporting the vast number of electronic file types required to get the job done. With an EDMS engineering companies can share and access the information they need, when they need it, and include all associated parties, with the assurance of the highest level of security.

Empower your staff by reducing the legwork needed to enhance productivity, ensure speedy time to market, and achieve maximum ROI, as your documents move downstream. Unlike traditional engineering document management software, ImageSite and EngineBox was created with the unique requirements of engineers in mind. Our teams work with engineering department heads to ensure our software is leading edge and continually meeting our customers’ needs.

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The eQuorum Customer Promise

In 2005, eQuorum developed the first all browser-based EDMS. The system, although for on-premise use, was still created to remove client software and JAVA from user computers and allow users to have a single viewer based on the simple navigation functionality of browsers. Today, eQuorum provides that same application in a private Cloud or a SaaS Cloud option.  We can do this because we are, and have always been, browser-based, understanding the enhanced speed, security, and usability of this technology.

With the abundance of document management systems on the market today, there’s no doubt that choosing the right Cloud document management software can be a difficult decision. eQuorum is here to provide a comprehensive, powerful, and most importantly – affordable Cloud document management solution. We believe in providing real value to our customers by eliminating unnecessary costs, providing industry-leading functionality, and equipping your team with the right tools using cutting edge technology to bring your products to market faster.

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We specialize in engineering workflow and document management. Our comprehensive, yet easy-to-use software provides the solution to manage data from design to manufacturing and production, to sales, support and administration.

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