We’ve come a long way since the days where architects and engineers would hand-draw designs. Computer software has greatly optimized efficiency and improved the accuracy of engineering drawings. This approach has created a new set of challenges for organizations to overcome, especially when it comes to document-centric processes.

Since virtually every drawing is created using either CAD or 3D modeling software, companies have numerous digital file types to manage and distribute amongst their team. While there are several ways in which organizations can store and distribute files, many file storage systems are unsecure and do not provide the functionality needed to adequately manage their CAD files and the complex relationships between them.

ImageSite, eQuorum’s robust workflow and document management system, integrates with the leading CAD and BIM solutions, such as AutoCAD, Revit, MicroStation, and SolidWorks. The system enables organizations to seamlessly import files to ImageSite, along with important information such as their Xrefs and title blocks, simplifying implementation, metadata creation, and organization. If a user needs to make changes to any of the files, the systems CAD connecters enable the user to make changes to the file within the CAD software itself. Furthermore, since the files and documents are stored within ImageSite, users don’t need CAD application software on their device to view or distribute the file.

A document management system, however, is more than just a place to store your digital files. It’s a comprehensive collaboration site, equipped with features designed to help organizations manage critical engineering workflows, document versioning, third-party collaboration, and file security.

Many document management systems are scalable, and grow with your business, making it easy to onboard new workers during expansion. Standardized versioning schemes and project trees help workers quickly locate the correct version of a document and reduce rework caused by missing or improperly versioned files.

Organizations are often tasked with managing the complex document-centric workflows that encompass engineering processes. A document management system provides organizations with an organized way to manage and automate document actions throughout their workflow, simplifying the approval and distribution of their engineering-related files.

EDMS (electronic document management systems) also help companies cut costs. Studies show that a document management system can reduce overhead costs by 30 to 40 percent by significantly increasing the productivity of individual workers. Additionally, it reduces the time it takes for workers to locate and share documents with their team while reducing printing costs. Though there are a variety of different EDMS, ImageSite is among the most cost-effective solutions for companies of all sizes, and requires a smaller investment than other software on the market.

Since eQuorum systems are built in HTML5, workers can access ImageSite and Engine-Box (the Cloud version of ImageSite) using their web-browser, enabling them to use the system on a variety of devices, including laptops, smartphones, and tablets. As a cross-platform solution, users can access the system using any operating system and are not required to download Java on their local machines.


ImageSite and Engine-Box are workflow and document management systems designed to help organizations manage their digital assets, including engineering-related files created in the most popular CAD and BIM software. The systems support many integrations and any digital file type and enable organizations to maintain a connected view of their engineering design processes.

For more information about ImageSite and Engine-Box please visit www.eQuorum.com.