Creating quality digital and paper output efficiently



Plotting Software, Engineering Batch Printing and PDF Conversion.
Creating quality digital and paper output efficiently.

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Engineering Batch Printing and PDF Conversion

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Plot Station® controls engineering throughout your network. It knows what file formats to accept (Inputs) and where to send the result (Outputs). We developed our own queuing mechanism to give you more flexibility in deciding how and when to process jobs and where to send them when they're done. You can maintain consistent-looking output from all your offices, and a single set of configuration files can be used by multiple Plot Station Servers, allowing load balancing and redundancy.

It's the ideal choice for high volume, high quality PDF generation from a wide variety of input file formats, including CAD formats such as AutoCAD, MicroStation and SolidWorks; scanned file formats such as TIFF, CALS, JPEG, PNG; and business formats such as Microsoft Office Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.



You know how time consuming production printing can be if your EDM/PDM (Engineering Document Management / Product Data Management) system forces you to download and manually print each of your documents one at a time. With an integrated Plot Station Plotting Software solution, a user can select multiple files (a handful or hundreds) from your existing EDM/PDM system and submit them directly to any network print device. Users can print just as easily to devices down the hall or around the world. The productivity benefits are enormous!


Optimized for multi-CPU server platform


Multi-threading for input/output and processing efficiency


API and Integration Support API


Multi-tasking for high performance



Through a system of modular input and output drivers, Plot Station can process a wide range of input file formats and output them to most of today's printers and large format plotters. You select the drivers that meet your specific needs.

Plot Station offers two types of output drivers—data type and device specific:


Data-type drivers create and deposit an output data format to a designated location (network directory or FTP location)


Device-specific drivers are customized for their target device; they provide the best data stream for the target device and add additional bi-directional communication to that device.



Plot Station Client lets end users submit files from client computers to the Plot Station server to get their plots. Plot Station Client also lets you accurately preview your plots to make sure you get what you want. Plot Station Client is actually a collection of four pieces of software: Plot Manager, PRF Generator for AutoCAD, PRF Generator for MicroStation, and Plot View.

Even though these programs are installed on individual workstations, they look to a central network location for configuration information. That means it only gets configured once, and then the configuration is available to everyone on the network. As you add new users, the software is simply installed, pointed to existing configuration files, and your user is ready to go.


The DataTracker module, included with Plot Station Server, speeds the collection of accounting data and gives you the information you need for timely and accurate billing. Track statistics for plot length, width, total area, number of copies, which plotter was used, project numbers, and much more. Plus, you can customize the DataTracker log file to capture exactly the data you need.

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