ATLANTA, GA – eQuorum Corporation announces major new features for Version 11 of ImageSite, its flagship, comprehensive, yet affordable Workflow and Document Management Solution for manufacturers, architects, engineers, construction, utilities, universities, and government.

Version 11 will be available to customers starting June 1st and is equipped with powerful new features designed to help improve engineering processes and document management. eQuorum understands the need to continue providing the highest level of usability, security, and functionality in the industry, which is why ImageSite 11 is designed with our customer’s needs in mind.

Major enhancements in ImageSite 11 include:

  • RFIs/Submittals: The RFIs (request for information)/Submittals module provides users with a structured way to track internal and external requests for information, and enable users to create and send replies to those requests and submissions. Incoming RFIs/submittals and outgoing replies can include attachments and email correspondences. The module allows users to associate RFIs with particular projects and is fully configurable by project managers and admins. Project managers and document controllers can create user privileges and assign RFIs/submissions to specific users.  Users with review privileges are only able to view and can’t make changes to the RFIs/submittals.  In the settings, requests and submissions can be configured to send automated custom email notifications to users. Additionally, submissions can carry Notes threads. A detailed history of events related to the RFI/Submittal process is maintained for audit trails and process analysis.
  • Workflow+: The desktop version of Workflow+ now includes a visual, canvas-based tool for creating Workflows and managing steps and transitions. This tool highlights the user’s current position and the state of the workflow. All previous Lifecycle module functions are now integrated into the Workflow + module allowing automated launching of functions such as copy, move, delete, version, and archive and move.  This provides a robust system to automate and manage almost any document-centric workflow.  Desktop workflows now include an optional approval process, allowing managers to consent to workflows before they proceed, including several different approval voting protocols.  Users can create Workflow-independent metadata and are provided with a detailed history of each Workflow event for analysis and audit trail. For a seamless transition, Workflow+ integrates with existing ImageSite security profiles for users and groups.
  • Markups: In version 11 the markup tool has been optimized for use on mobile and desktop devices, with a completely new tool palette that can be placed anywhere on the screen. In this update, the markup tool hosts more features, including highlighter pens with adjustable width. The opacity levels of all elements can now be adjusted using the adjustable onscreen opacity meter.  Symbols can be imported or created within ImageSite and applied using the Markups interface, by project. Images, such as seals, stamps, and badges can now be placed directly into a document as a Markup object that can then be burned into a printed or published PDF file.
  • Additional Updates: There is now a ‘Show Details’ column on most pages that contain a grid. Clicking this item will show the entire row’s data in a quick summary format. This option can be turned on or off by users for any page where it appears.

An observation by Scott Brandt, President, and CEO, “The functionality now included within our on-premise and Cloud solutions is equal to or better than the industry’s most robust engineering workflow systems out there but at half the price.  And because we’re HTML5, there is no software to deploy, it just can’t be any easier for users who know their way around a browser and for IT departments who don’t have to worry about distributing and maintaining literally thousands of copies of software.”

eQuorum offers its technology-leading ImageSite engineering workflow and document management solution as either an on-premise system or as a private Cloud system.  Licensing is either with concurrent or named licenses.  Small and medium-sized businesses can take advantage of eQuorum’s SaaS solution that can be used on a subscription basis, moving the capital expenditure to a monthly operating expense. provides the same functionality as ImageSite and requires no setup by users.

About eQuorum

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, eQuorum is the developer of the ImageSite suite of products, including Cloud SaaS solution, an enterprise-wide workflow and content management software with departmental level pricing. ImageSite can be implemented as both an internal workflow and document management system and as a Cloud-based collaboration solution with affiliates, customers, and vendors for a wide variety of industries. eQuorum provides solutions including its software, NIST assessment consulting, training, and implementation services to help customers quickly realize the productivity benefits of their solutions. For additional information regarding eQuorum’s products and services, please call 404.497.8110 or visit the company’s web site:

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