eQuorum exhibits at the 22nd Autodesk University

ATLANTA, GEORGIA — eQuorum was a proud exhibitor at the 22nd Autodesk University. Las Vegas played host to 10,000 Autodesk University attendees and connected architects, engineers, designers, animators, and industry leaders from all the world. Starting on December 2, 2014, at Mandalay Bay Hotel, the future of technology began its showcase and eQuorum was there to play its part by announcing ImageSite® 9.0 (beta) and ImageSite® Vault Integration!

eQuorum announces ImageSite® 9.0. Version 9.0 is the first major overhaul of ImageSite in over eight years and provides the user with a modern, contemporary, and intuitive front-end which supports many features and usability standards users are familiar with in Windows-based applications.

Major new features and enhancements in ImageSite 9.0 include:

  • An updated and improved intuitive user interface
  • Inclusion of more Windows functionality, including drag and drop, right mouse button actions, and real time filtering
  • A total rewrite in HTML, requiring NO JAVA on user machines and no browser add-ins, provide total access from any mobile platform (iOS, Android, Windows, etc.)
  • A new dashboard providing users an “at a glance” view of their recent activity and favorite documents, searches, sets, and downloads, and shows checked out documents and notifications from workflows and system events.
  • Browser based viewing which enhances file security as files are not downloaded to local computers but rather images are streamed from the server
  • Improved search algorithms and search methods allowing searches of all attributes and/or embedded text in documents, using advanced techniques and expressions
  • Public level searches customized as company, department, organization, or group level popular searches
  • Progress bars to indicate uploading of large files with periodic updates for users about the status of their process
  • A context sensitive help system with an improved look and navigation
  • Support for AutoCAD 2015 and Inventor 2014

For more details on 9.0 click here or contact our Customer Support group at Support@eQuorum.com or at 404.497.8155 or your favorite Support representative. For new sales, contact our sales team at info@eQuorum or 404.497.8106. ImageSite® Vault Integration allows the use of the most efficient tools for the defined task.

Engineers can allow Vault to manage the more complex part/assembly relationships and then seamlessly trigger the publishing of released drawings and other documents to ImageSite to be made available to the rest of the team.

Since the metadata entered into Vault is transferred to the ImageSite records, documents can be easily searched, viewed, collected and then downloaded, distributed or printed by any authorized user, without any client software being required. When a document is moved to an “In Revision” state in Vault, ImageSite immediately flags the document appropriately and prevents printing and downloading until the revision is complete and the document is released.

Deployment is fast, since no software is required on the client PCs, aside from a standard web browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox) DXF files are utilized to act as Numerical Control (NC) files for milling machines; files are not viewable when stored in Vault, but they are viewable in ImageSite, giving the machinist a quick visual confirmation before downloading and loading the file into the NC device.

File views are lightweight and quick, allowing salespeople to log in from remote locations and perform quick searches and views of the drawing files, without having to also download all the supporting parts and assemblies.

As Plot Station is an integral component of the installation, all the benefits and features of server-based printing and plotting are available to all users, including set processing, plot labels, watermarks and publishing to PDF for easy set distribution.

For more details on ImageSite Vault Integration contact our Customer Support group at Support@eQuorum.com or 404.497.8155 or your favorite Support representative. For new sales, contact our sales team at info@eQuorum.com or at 404.497.8106.

eQuorum would like to thank those who stopped by Booth #50. We will see you next year at Autodesk University!