Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Product Life Cycle Management

Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) can be associated with documents, drawings, or changes in workflow steps to ensure appropriate actions are identified and approved. Documents and drawings associated with products and processes can be managed throughout their life cycle based on their state, from original design, to revision, QA, release, obsolescence, and archival or deletion.

As companies grow, their ability to utilize and pay for more sophisticated and integrated systems grows. eQuorum offers a PLM "lite" solution. Product Life Cycle Management systems have been developed to enable the entire organization to gather product data and production support requirements in a central place while providing the byproduct of easier and faster collaboration. The size of many enterprise PLM systems, however, may not fit small and medium-size businesses using PLM software for the first time. A PLM “lite” solution is a great entry-level, quick install, and fast payback approach.


  • Establish criteria for triggering document/ drawing state changes
  • Launch actions based on version, time, or field-specific changes throughout the document/drawing life cycle
  • Advanced revisioning with major and minor versions and preset locations
  • Move files to applicable folders or projects based on retention and archival schedules
  • Advanced revisioning with major and minor versions and preset locations.


eQuorum specializes in engineering workflow and document management. Our comprehensive, yet easy-to-use software provides the solution to manage data from design to manufacturing and production, to sales, support and administration.