eQuorum offers a variety of professional services to help you get started with ImageSite and maximize the solution to boost your organization’s productivity. eQuorum’s support team’s extensive document management knowledge ensures customers receive the strategic counsel necessary to implement effective document management solutions for even the most complex combinations of users, documents and work processes and quickly achieve an ROI
professional services
Consulting and Integration

Leverage our years of expertise and responsiveness to deliver document management and batch printing/plotting solutions that work smoothly and efficiently. We’ll also make sure your eQuorum solutions are successfully integrated with existing software applications, including databases, legacy systems, web servers and more. eQuorum recognizes each business has unique requirements and our solution can be tailored to fit your needs. Not by customizing code but by configuring and enabling the core product functionality to meet your requirements.

Our Consulting Group also provides Business Workflow Improvement consulting engagements including NIST Compliance Assessments.  The Consulting Group works with organizations on their digital transformation through improving processes with digitization and improved document workflows.

Implementation and Installation
Get ImageSite up and running quickly to solve your document management challenges and boost productivity. Implementation and installation is typically completed in a few weeks, if not days, not months or years. Leverage our expertise in document control business processes, networks, web technology, printers, plotters, and scanners to facilitate a rapid implementation of the solution.

Optimize your plotting environment and kick it into high gear!
Are you using the most efficient and current technology for your Plot Station server?
Are you plotting to all available printers and plotters, including inkjets?
Are you utilizing all of the new Plot Station features and enhancements?
Are you looking for more efficient ways to distribute plots?
Have you considered using the Internet for plot distribution?


eQuorum provides scanning services through Byers Engineering. Byers examines documents in order to extract key metadata, allowing documents to be searchable and organized within a document management system like ImageSite. Byers also converts hard-copy large-format drawings and small-format documents into electronic files and organizes the electronic information into a standardized format.