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ImageSite (workflow, document management, and quality control software) keeps everyone informed: from the designer to the implementation specialists, so you know where a review process. This granular control ensures speed and accuracy of any type of quality control/quality assurance review. In addition, collaboration tools provide for quicker solutions when problems or issues are detected.

Product data drives manufacturing companies’ data management structure. While product data often starts with engineering drawings, a comprehensive data management solution is needed to manage all related information, such as ISO compliance, testing, corrective and preventative actions (CAPA), and supporting documents. ImageSite provides a centrally-stored and up-to-date set of documents related to product lifecycles.

Quality Control Features

ImageSite and Engine-Box (the Cloud version of ImageSite) improve accuracy and quality of product data using various standard system features. These features and modules include:

Version Control

Version control helps organizations reduce scrap and rework by automatically versioning files as they enter the system. Version control is a standard feature of ImageSite that helps companies ensure only the correct version of a document is being viewed or edited at any given time. Version control can be established using numerous criteria, not just file name.

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Workflow Automation (Workflow+ Module)

Workflow automation improves document-centric workflows by providing users with an environment in which they can visualize their workflows, host review and approval sessions, and monitor changes made to files and documents.

Audit Trails

Audit trails create accountability across the organization, as managers have complete audit trails of all document actions taken within the system. Audit trails ensure appropriate actions are taken, and that issues affecting quality can be addressed and fixed proactively.

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Benefits of Quality Control Features

A document management system with quality management controls helps organizations take control over their engineering files and documents and achieve their critical compliance goals.

Improve Quality Control/Quality Assurance

The Quality control/quality assurance process includes rigorous workflow tasks to ensure product, project, and facility safety and compliance to specifications. These processes, often in concert with Quality Management Systems (QMS), require the provision of all necessary documentation and drawings within a disciplined workflow control environment. ImageSite provides this integration of the files (documents and drawings) and the management of the key quality workflows, including notifications, approvals, seals/stamps, and full audit trails.

Improve Compliance

The processes that ensure compliance with industry-specific quality standards (regulatory and statutory) are available via LAN, WAN, or Internet. Lifecycles and workflows can be used to complete document process control and ensure ISO and other regulatory compliance. ImageSite’s archiving and retention capabilities ensure preservation of quality control software documents and procedures.

The system also helps organizations comply with standards, such as those outlined by The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). ImageSite’s access control functionality follows the principal of “least privilege,” only providing users with access to the files they need, and are permissioned for.

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Enhance Productivity

ImageSite automates processes, such as versioning, document retrieval, and more. With ImageSite, workers can quickly access files using Full Text search, enabling them to retrieve information based on the text in a document. Additionally, the system allows users to search for files using a document’s metadata, which can be changed automatically in the system’s Workflow+ module.


Search tools that simplify finding documents, metadata and other content


Get instant email and internal notification of changes and requirements


Secure access to view-able documents without the need to install additional software


Retain all back revisions with available archiving protocols


Distribute documents (or links to documents) to third parties without using unsecured, size-restricted email attachments


Audit reporting of all user changes and accesses.


eQuorum specializes in engineering workflow and document management. Our comprehensive, yet easy-to-use software provides the solution to manage data from design to manufacturing and production, to sales, support and administration.

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