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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I contact support?

You can reach support by calling 404.497.8155 or emailing

How can we share drawings with our contractors and customers without having to give them access to ImageSite?

There are several methods.  The easiest is to create a Guest Project using 3PDirect.  ImageSite then sends an email with authentication credentials to the third party who can only see the files you have assigned to them.  Depending on the settings they may also be able to markup, download, and print.

Method 2 – send them a transmittal with the files attached. You’ll get a confirmation email back and you can track the versions and the dates sent.

Method 3 – Use our Cloud Engine-Box system and synch your ImageSite with the Cloud system.  You can upload/download only the files you want the third party to have access to.  The system will synchronize the two repositories while tracking all third-party interactions.

Is there a way to find out who has been logging on over the past year, so inactive users could be purged from the system?

Use ImageSite's Event subsystem to determine who has logged into the system during a period of time.  The Event data can be downloaded using the CSV export button.

Is there a restriction on the number of files in the system or the size of any one file?

There is no restriction on the number or size of files for the system.  Note, however, a 500 MB file downloaded with an Internet speed of 40 Mbps will take 100 seconds to download.

Which file formats does ImageSite support?

Click here to view all supported file formats.

Can you customize searches in the system?

All searches in ImageSite/Engine-Box can be customized by users and administrators.  As long as a user has access permission to a custom field it can be added to their Favorite search or a Default search.

What web browsers can be used with the system?

ImageSite and Engine-Box work with any HTML5-compliant web browser.  This includes, but is not limited to:  Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Android, Chrome for Android, Opera, and Baidu.

What languages are supported by ImageSite and Engine-Box?

As of January, 2023, ImageSite and Engine-Box support English, French, and Italian.

Can a user change another user’s markups (annotations)?

Release 11.5 included the ability for users to restrict access and editability of their markups.  Access restrictions can prevent other users from viewing a markup altogether or prevent changes to the markup, including additions.

Can you add custom fields to transmittals and transmittal cover sheets?

Custom fields are easily added to the transmittal template.  Administrators simply set up transmittal custom fields and apply them to the appropriate Project.  Any transmittal custom field can be included in the cover sheet during the cover sheet template creation.


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