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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I contact support?
You can reach support by calling 404.497.8155 or emailing
How can we share drawings with our contractors and customers without having to give them access to ImageSite?
ImageSite’s Lifecycle module to the rescue to share drawings. Using the Lifecycle functionality, automated processing of files can be done so CAD files are published to PDF and then automatically emailed to non-ImageSite users as attachments or emailed with vector links that allow non-ImageSite users to open the PDF file within ImageSite.
Is there a way to find out who had been logging on over the past year, so inactive users could be purged from the system?
Use ImageSite's Event subsystem to determine who has logged into the system during a period of time.
For users of ImageSite versions prior to 9.0, you may get notifications to upgrade your Java. Will upgrading affect ImageSite, or, if I pick Upgrade Later, will this affect ImageSite?
Many times users don’t know whether to upgrade or postpone Java updates, or don’t have the appropriate permissions to update Java, which only adds further confusion. This can result in clients opting for the least effective choice: ‘Upgrade Later.’ This can cause clients to lose much of ImageSite’s core functionality – uploading, downloading/checkout, etc. (mostly operations involving the local file system).
Which file formats does ImageSite support?

Click here to view all supported file formats.


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