ImageSite works in tandem with SAP to provide secure, on-demand viewing and batch printing of documents for non-designers and outside vendors.
SAP Integration


Using their SAP interface, users can search for specific documents and drawings and launch their web browser to view images or send documents for printing worldwide. Documents can be published to any ImageSite extranet server making them available to vendors or contractors needing access.

ImageSite can be configured for multiple channels with SAP and KPro (SAP’s document repository) ensuring adequate throughput is achieved. ImageSite maintains access control and authentication to ensure users have the appropriate level of access (including viewing and printing) to sensitive documents. Because ImageSite streams images from a web server, files are never downloaded  or stored on local disk.



Server-based printing and plotting, including set processing, plot labels, watermarks, and publishing to PDF


Streaming raw information from the ImageSite web server makes data highly secure and avoids a security vulnerability


When publishing to an “extranet”, ImageSite facilitates tight control over vendor access, with documents expiring after a specified period


Deployment and expansion is simple as no client software is needed and single sign-on with SAP makes it seamless to the user


Searching is simple and intuitive, allowing casual users easy access to needed documents from their familiar SAP interface


A single viewer for display and printing of all file types


Because ImageSite accesses are “lightweight” and quick, a large number of simultaneous view and print requests can be handled


The best way to understand what ImageSite can do for you is to see it for yourself.
Contact us to learn more or schedule a demo and let us show you our software in action.


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