SMARTEAM Integration allows non-PDM users to view and print files, while ImageSite provides access control without having a local copy of the file

Using their web browser, users can search for specific documents/drawings and select one or more to view and/or print. Using ImageSite vectors, documents are submitted to ImageSite's browser based viewer for display. ImageSite does all the access control and authentication to ensure users have the appropriate level of access (including viewing and printing) to sensitive documents. Because ImageSite streams images as a web server, viewer files are never downloaded to user machines or stored on local disks.

This highly secure control safeguards information from being directly accessed, ensuring security of confidential and export controlled documents. Users can print documents and drawings to designated printers, if necessary, ImageSite can prevent documents from being printed.

Streaming raw document and drawing information from the ImageSite web server makes data highly secure
A single viewer for display and printing of all file types
Administrators can control batch printing and plotting to appropriate printers and plotters

Using the SMARTEAM integration to controll watermarks in the viewer and on output prints are a reminder of a document's confidentiality, export control status, or revision state

Users don’t need native applications, such as CAD software, to view or print, just a browser
Using Domain Authentication, users are not required to login to ImageSite creating a seamless data flow


The best way to understand what ImageSite can do for you is to see it for yourself.

Contact us to learn more ImageSite's integration with SMARTEAM or schedule a demo and let us show you our software in action.


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